Old Black Sabbath News

Tony Iommi recorded 8 demo tracks for his solo record together with Glenn Hughes (bass & vocals), Dave Holland (drums) and Don Airey (keyboards). Also Geoff Nicholls was involved in three of the eight tracks. Recordings will not start before the beginning of 1997!

Tony Martin out or not? This seems to be the hottest question for Black Sabbath fans since the re-union plans from 1992/93. The management of Black Sabbath told us: It does not look if Tony Martin will be on the next Black Sabbath album due to his solo plans but that does not mean that it is impossible! Make up your own mind!

Re-mastered also on vinyl available? If we believe a list of upcoming records done by various record labels then we will have the album "Black Sabbath" available on vinyl again. Of course like the CDs remastered but also including a bonus-7"!

Important! Important! Important!

Everybody who joins the Black Sabbath Fan Club Deutschland within' the next couple of weeks receives together with his first fanzine a christmas card personally signed by Tony Iommi. Due to the fact that we have only a limited number of cards you should hurry. More information about "How Do I Become Member In The Black Sabbath Fan Club Deutschland" can be found on this webpage!

For the latest Tony Martin news click here!

Black Sabbath News received directly from Tony Iommi can be found on Pete Scott's homepage! Don't miss it!

No real news?, that seems to be the only thing which can be said. Tony Iommi still works on his solo-album which is very very important for him. Until this one is finished, Black Sabbath are "on holidays". In February Tony Iommi will be on the NAM show in California, USA to give autographs on the Laney corner!

Still in work but coming to you in the next one or two weeks: the best LP Discographie of Black Sabbath vinyl ever made! Watch out for it!

LP Discography available now! Please have a look at the text files!!!

Also new bootlegs can be found in the Archive!

Readers of the homepage of Pete Scott should mark that the address has changed. New address can be found at the end of this page!

Dispite all rumours James Hetfield will not sing on the upcoming Tony Iommi solo record. As the management told us we can say that all news about singers for Tony Iommis album are just rumours! Tony Iommi is now in America writing more songs together with Bob Marlet. Due to that fact he will not be at Frankfurt music fair this year in Germany. It is also not true that Black Sabbath have signed with Hollywood Records!

Please mark that the Ronnie James Dio concert in Bremen, Germany has been moved from 1st to 2nd March!

Another nice CD has been added to the "Bootleg Archive". Due to the fact that I have now a scanning machine I can do from time to time now some specials scans for people who need a certain Sabbath image on disc. If interested then just send me an e-mail!

The "Services/For Sale" page has been updated. Just have a look. In the near future you can also get there info on how to order Ronnie James Dio photos. Watch out! Also a new bootled CD can be seen on the "Bootleg Archive"!

Ronnie James Dio photos available. Just click at "Services/For Sale" page!

Fans of the Black Sabbath Mark I line up should start praying now. So we might have a concert of the four on the Ozz-Festival 1997!

I added two more things for sale at the service page and also some info on our Black Sabbath Fan Club T-Shirt. Also there is a new list of the Cover Versions out now. Just click on it! At the week-end I will place another bootleg CD at the Bootleg Archieve. As soon as I have more info on the new Black Sabbath Bootleg CDs "Miami 80" (double CD) and "The Complete Ray Gillen Years" I will put out a new version of the bootleg list!

From now on it is official! Black Sabbath will play with the line up Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne, Faith No More drummer at the "Ozz Fest 1997" gigs (end of May until middle of July) the last half hour of each concert!

As I have promised I added another bootleg CD to the bootleg archieve. Also some new links have been put onto the link page. (Thanks to Joe Siegler for creating a special link to this page from his page!!!) I added also the missing tourdates from Tapio's Dio Pages.

Black Sabbath (Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Mike Bordin) are rehearsing now for the gigs on the "Ozz Fest". They have NOT done any songwriting. First gig will be on May 25th in Florida!

I have added "Smoke On The Water" (double CD) to the Bootleg Archive. Also I did create a couple of new Sabbath links at the link page. Everybody who has his own Black Sabbath Page should have a look at the new Black Sabbath Ring site!

Latest news from Sabbath's Management: Black Sabbath with Ozzy Osbourne will definitely only play on the Ozzfest. Means gigs in Europe will NOT happen.

So far they are no real news. I have put another CD to the Bootleg Archieve. Also the Link Page and the "For Sale" list got a new version!

Lyrics to "Paranoid" are available now. Don't miss it!!! Also did I add and fix some links on the link page!

The Dio tour dates have been updated with the missing ones from Tapios pages. Also from now on information on the Tony Martin bootleg CD "And Friends" is available in the bootleg archive.

Lyrics to "Master of Reality" are available at the archive.

Lyrics to "Vol 4" are available at the Lyric Archive. Also I put there a small text by the authors about why doing this new transcription of Black Sabbath lyrics.

Ozzy's label "Ozz Records" is releasing their first album on May 12th, 1997 "the Ozz-fest - LIVE": Tracklist: Coal Chamber - Loco, Cellophane - Ride Thy Neighbor, Earth Crisis - Broken Foundation, Powerman 5000 - Organized, Neurosis - Locust Star, Fear Factory - Replica, Biohazard - These Eyes, Sepultura - Attitude, Slayer - Angel Of Death, Ozzy Osbourne - Perry Mason (tracks recorded on the 25th/26th October 1996 in Phoenix/San Bernardino).

Against all previous announcements chances increase that Black Sabbath will play during "Ozzfest" in London, UK the 30th August 1997. More details follow in the next couple of weeks!

No news is good news - this is the only thing which can be said so far about Black Sabbaht this week. Sit down and wait! Lyrics to "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" are available now at the archive!

Due to latest phone call with Sabbath's management it is not sure wether Sabbath will play with the "Ozzfest" in London nor if they really will do a Black Sabbath live album. So as usual we only can relax and wait. The bootleg discography has been updated with info on "The Legend In The Hell". So check out version 1.98. The archiv now includes info on "Death Called '89" too!

Due to KERRANG! Ozzy Osbourne is planning to record a live-album of the Black Sabbath shows during the "Ozzfest". This one should be released throughout his own label "Ozzrecords". The bootleg archive includes now another great CD: "Wicked Sabbath". Also I did change some things on Tony Martins "And Friends" bootleg CD after I received some information by Tony Martin.

Due to my latest call with Black Sabbath's management it is official now that the "Ozzfest" with Black Sabbath in London, UK will not happen. Even some record shops in the UK started selling tickets. Now in the archive available is info on the bootleg CD "Iron Men" (USA 1994).

For the latest news concerning the live-album for the "Ozzfest 1996" Please click here!. There you will find the most important parts from a fax the fan club received directly from Ozzy's promotion company here in Germany. Additional from now on this site offers you the "Black Sabbath Lyrics Archive" where you can find the maybe best versions of Black Sabbath lyrics to all their albums. For more information - on specially the guys who did this outstanding work - have a look yourself a little bit down on this page!

News from Geezer Butler! His new album "Remote Control" should be released in May. Tracks so far are: "Has To Be", "Area Code 51", "Randall & Hopkirk", "Northern Wisdom", "Man In A Suitcase", "Trinity Road", "Justified", "Among The Cypermen", "Unspeakable Elvis", "Zodiac", "Dept S" and "The Mysterons"!

Joe Siegler forwarded me the following text: "Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath will perform a rescheduled concert on July 1st at Polaris Amphitheatre. Tickets originally purchased for the June 17 OzzFest will be honored for the new date. Ticket stubs from the OzzFest must be presented at the gate for admittance into the venue. A limited number of lawn tickets will be available for the rescheduled date and are on sale now at all Ticketmaster outlets. Parking will be free for the evening."

Please click here to get the tour dates of the "Ozz Fest" with Black Sabbath. So far we have no confirmation by Black Sabbath's management. Sorry for only doing little updates in the last week but holidays are over and I have now a hell lot of work to do!

Please click here to get the tour dates of "OZZfest 1997" as I did receive them from Sabbath's management. Please mark: These dates are not confirmed so far!!!

Texts for "Sabotage" and "Technical Ecstasy" can be found now in the Lyric Archiv. Also lyrics for "Paranoid" have been corrected!

New in the lyric archive: texts for the album "Heaven And Hell". The .wav-file with Geezer's new track "Number 5" will be removed from this page this week-end due to limited space available. So hurry up with downloading if you are interested!

I did update a little the Sale List on the Service Page. Also I do had to remove the .wav-file with Geezer's new track "Number 5" due to limited disk space. If still are people there who don't have it: just e-mail me and with enough interest I will put it on the page for another week in the near future!

A couple of "For Sale" items have been added to the Services/For Sale list. Additionally also two new links can be found at the Link Page! The plannings for the 2nd Fan Club Meeting have started. Please e-mail us on which Saturdays in August or September you are able to come!!!

Nothing new to tell from Black Sabbath. I am sorry. But I do promise to phone Sabbath's management this week and try to find out what is going on now. In the Lyric Archiv you can find now "Mob Rules" and "Cloak And Dagger" as also as a couple of corrections on "Black Sabbath". Not to forget to mention that the transcription of "Cloak And Dagger" was done by Tony Martin.

Due to my latest call with Sabbath's management they are no news to tell. Only things are that at the moment it is talked about that Sabbath might do another tour with the current "Re-Union" line up after the "Ozzfest" gigs in the USA are finished. These dates also might bring the band to Europe. Definitely it only can be said that Sabbath are not recording a live album or a live video during the current gigs! If that will happen then only during the second tour. This tour will take - when it is should really happen - before the end of this year. In the lyric arciv the page for "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" has been re-edited!

Lyrics for "Seventh Star" and b-side-version of "Time Machine" and "Letters From Earth" are now available from the archive. As Black Sabbath's management being on holidays I don't have anything new to report!

For the first time ever on a Sabbath page complete transcription for the famous "Live At Plumpton" (Berlin 1970) are available now. Enjoy and also have a look at "Time Machine (Wayne's World Version)" for small corrections. Nothing new from Sabbath so far!

I started working on the link page. So far all broken links have been removed and a couple of new ones have been added. Frightining to see how over 20 pages disappeared in only three months. Please note the new fax number of the fan club in the head of this page!

Important! Important! Important! Important! Important! Important! Important!

We got now the definite date for the Black Sabbath Fan Club Meeting! The whole thing will take place on 20th September 1997 at the Rockfabrik Halford , Berlin, Germany, starting 2.00 pm! Invited are: members of the Black Sabbath Fan Clubs Deutschland and Black Sabbath Fan Club UK, readers of 'Thanks God It's Sabbath/ Sabbath Stone' and the Black Sabbath Mailing List as well as members of the Purple Family and both Dio Fan Clubs. Everyone can feel free to bring as much friends, relatives etc. with as he likes to do!
Additionally: lyrics for "Born Again" available in the archive. Nothing new from Black Sabbath to tell!

Black Sabbath finished the "Ozzfest" for now! Ozzy Osbourne is now on holidays, Geezer Butler is busy with the release of his second solo-record and Tony Iommi is coming back to England this week to re-start work on his solo-album. No more news so far! Little changes have been done to the bootleg list and an update of the Cover Version List has been installed!

New in the bootleg archive: "Miami 80" - the latest bootleg CD from Japan. Nothing has changed for the Sabbath gigs: they will happen!

Last week I met Tony Iommi in Birmingham, UK. Due to him chances are very good that Black Sabbath will play one or two shows in December in the NEC, Birmingham, UK. The great thing is the line up: Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne and Bill Ward!!!! But so far nothing can be really announced!
I installed the new version of the link page. As usual please mail all errors to me. Also there are little changes on the album "Paranoid" in the Lyric Archive!

On 21st Juli 1997 the new Geezer Butler Solo-album "Geezer - Black Science" will be released. Tracklist: Man In A Suitcase, Box Of Six, Mysterons, Justified, Department S, Area Code 51, Has To Be, Number 5, Among The Cyberman, Unspeakable Elvis, Xodiak, Northern Wisdom, Trinity Road. Please find .wav-file here of a new track. Quality low in order to save space.! Geezer - "Number 5" (1.1 Mbyte, not available anymore) Additionally you can find also now "Never Say Die!" lyrics in the text archiv and also a small correction on "Killing Yourself To Die" Bootleg - thanks for telling me so!

Ozzy Osbourne is going to release his first, worlwide "Best of" album on the 3rd of November. The interesting thing is the track list: two so far unreleased Black Sabbath tracks from 1970 should be included! Tony Iommi is back in America recording tracks with Bob Marlet for his solo-record.
The second Black Sabbath Fan Club Meeting was a success. Sad for all the people who could not come over. For the next time it would be nice if everybody could send only dates where he really can come. At the end a lot of people didn't showed up who said they will come!
In the Lyric Archiv new can be found "The Eternal Idol" including texts for the rare track "Some Kind Of Woman"!

Black Sabbath will start rehearsing in November for the two shows in December. After the rehearsals the final word about Bill Ward playing with them or not will be said. So far everybody seems to be really positive about it.
At the link page I added the new site by Markus Riehl - a must for all tape traders!

Ronnie James Dio is back on the road. Latest tour dates taken directly from Vinny Appice's official homepage can be found at the bottom of this page!

The "For Sale" list on the service page has been updated, some really interesting pieces for collectors are available now!
No news from Black Sabbath so far!

From now on you can check out lyrics to the album "Headless Cross" in the Lyric Archive.
With time goes by it comes more and more sure or nearly a fact that Bill Ward will play on the two concerts in Birmingham in december this year. Additionally to that people from the near of Black Sabbath have said that during the shows in Birmingham a live-album/video is going to be recorded. Until today anything has been announced officially!

Important! Important! Important! Important! Important! Important! Important!

Now it is official! Black Sabbath are doing two shows at 4th/5th December 1997 in Birmingham's NEC! The line up is: Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler and Ozzy Osbourne. Tickets are on sale now and going fast!

The Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Discography has been re-done in many parts, lots of work for me (as usual). About everything that is new can be read in the introductory of the bootleg list. Version 2.0 can easily be downloaded at the bottom of this Black Sabbath page. For any kinds of corrections, ads etc. I would be really thankful!
Finally we have an official Tony Martin Homepage , done by Daniela Pilic. Just have a look yourself!

Geezer Butler's last studio album "Black Science" has been released these days in Japan with the bonus track "Beach Skeleton"!
I re-did the "usual" Black Sabbath Discography which means that I removed all catalogue numbers etc as they can be found now in the other discographies. So know everybody who is just interested in the albums and nothing more should taken this stripped down version of the discography. Additionally they are also a few changes on the link page. The link to the "Sabbath Ring" is broken, please don't ask me for the new address as I don't know it!

Finally info on the new Japanese bootleg CD "Parisian Bitch" has been added to the Bootleg Archive. I hope to be able to put more back issues of the Mailing List online next week or so!

From Black Sabbath nothing really new to tell you now. German music TV "Viva" has aired a 30 minute special on Black Sabbath's NEC shows on their metal show "Metalla". 30 min interview, live stuff and clips. Everybody who wants to have a copy should send me A.S.A.P a video plus money for shipping back. Please remember: I only have European PAL system!
On this site I have installed another 100 Backissues of the Black Sabbath Mailing List!

Finally it will happen this week, Black Sabbath are going to play two concerts in Birmingham, UK. As I was told by Sabbath's management, Bill Ward will be with them on stage. Additionally they will also record a live album (no video!!!) on the two shows!
Not that much Black Sabbath related but still interesting for us: Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore will work together again under the name of Rainbow!
With some luck I got 10 Mb additional for this Black Sabbath Fan Club Deutschland site, so I am able to make back issues of the Black Sabbath Mailing List available here. To make things easier I put 100 issues together in one zip-file and upload them here. I think I am going to put one package here online each week. So just have a look here!

To all visitors/readers and Sabbath fans out there: A happy new year and a lot of Black Sabbath music in 1998!!!
In the Lyric Archive you can have a look now at the content of the TYR-Album!

A lot of things have been done on this site during the holidays. I did install "Clickable Images" on the sites of the bootleg and lyric archive. That was something I always wanted to try with and I am quite happy with the result (smile).
I also put another 100 Back Issues of the Black Sabbath Mailing List online on this site.
As I have been asked by various people I put a photo of Tony Ionmi, Peter Scott (Black Sabbaht Fan Club (UK) and me, Alexander Rack (Black Sabbath Fan Club Germany) online on this page. The necessary link can be found at the bottom of the site.
Unfortunately nothing new to report from Black Sabbath!

Black Sabbath - as hopefully known - has given two shows last week in Birmingham, UK. Both can only be described as excellent! Also both shows have been recorded and will be released as a live album in the middle of 1998. There will be definitely no live-video. The band is going to play more shows (on festivals) next year in the complete Mark I line up. Ozzy Osbourne is going tour Australia in the beginning of 1998!
More backissues of the Black Sabbath Mailing List have been installed on the page!

On this Black Sabbath Fan Club page I did some small changes on the layout in order to get the complete-impression of the page in a more compact direction. I do not think that I will go any further as I do not want to ruin the individual character of the site.
On the "Service Page" I have updated the "For Sale" list! Please also do mark the new postcode 14199 of the fan club's address!

Nothing new to report from Black Sabbath. At the Rockfabrik Halford (Storkower Str. 123, Halle 38, 10407 Berlin, Germany, tel: +49 (0)30 4211787) is playing on the 6th February 1998 Mr. Crowley, a Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne coverband from Germany!
On the fan club page is now available at the bootleg archive information on the CD "reviviscence!".

Just for the fact that you have not noticed it: the homepage of the Black Sabbath Fan Club Deutschland is celebrating its first year jubileum! Cool! :)
From Scandinavia I did receive some interesting photos made back in 1969 - showing Ozzy Osbourne naked on stage. Just have a look yourself: On Stage and Back Stage .
In the Lyric Archive you can find the latest version of "Live At Plumtpon/ Berlin 1970" lyrics. Lots of things have been re-done, so check it out! From Black Sabbath nothing new can be reported. They should now be in Birmingham and rehearse!

Important! Important! Important! Important! Important! Important! Important!

With the 1st February 1998 this page is only reachable with the URL http://www.snafu.de/~arack/bsfcd.html so please change your bookmarks, links etc.!

Nothing really new to report from Black Sabbath. The whole world is waiting for the upcoming live album which hopefully will be released in the middle of this year. Rumours are that the live shows of Sabbath in Europe will take place one on a festival in England and one on a festival in Germany.
Texts for the album "Dehumanizer" are now available in the Lyric Archive.

Nothing new to report from Black Sabbath. I did install another one hundred backissues of the Black Sabbath Mailing List.

Pete Scott did receive various news from Black Sabbath's management. Just have a look at his Black Sabbath Fan Club page!
I did update the list of Black Sabbath Cover Versions as they were some new to name. Just have a look!

Nothing new to report from Black Sabbath so far. I only receive tons of e-mails from people who believe to know where Black Sabbath will play in June this year. So come on everybody: so far absolutely nothing is for sure!
Lyrics for the track "War Pigs" from Ozzy's "Ozzman Cometh" have been installed!

As most of you will already know: Tony Iommi is now in Los Angeles to work on the upcoming Black Sabbath Live Album and his own studio album.
On this Black Sabbath site 100 more back issues of the Black Sabbath Mailing List are avaiable for downloading as zip-file.

Readers of the Black Sabbath Mailing List will already know it: they are some news from Black Sabbath out! The band is going to release the live-album recorded on the two shows at Birmingham's NEC on the 4th/5th December 1997. Together with that Sabbath will do two concerts at festivals in Europe plus a headlining-tour in America. Further record releases are not planned so far! But they are thinking about a studio-album but us usual nothing definitely can be said!
At this Sabbath Page you can find now in the Lyric Archive texts for the album "Live At List". Also the lyrics for the album "TYR" have been corrected.

I am going to try to phone Sabbath's management this week. Hopefully then we know something more about Sabbath playing live this June in Europe.
At the bootleg archive you can find now new info on "Welcome To The Electric Funeral"! Thanks to Markus Riehl for forwarding the images! Talking about bootlegs: Record Heaven told me that most of the bootleg CDs (specially the old stuff) is sold out. So please stop asking them for it!!!

At the moment it looks like Black Sabbath will do all their European gigs in June. But so far there is only one date in England made for sure. Everything else is nothing more than pure speculation! The live-album is going to be released somewhere around october/september this year.
I have been travelling over 3000 km through Germany the last week to meet Sabbath fans and old friends (Hello Claudi!). During that time I have collected a lot of information for the fan club's discographies. I like to say thanks here to everybody involved for allowing me to stay and for support!

So far only a little people (300 of 1600) have subscribed again in the Black Sabbath Mailing List! So come on people, everybody who wants to be a reader should send us the important e-mail!!!
Also in the lyric-page texts for the album "Cross Purposes" can be found!

I phoned Sabbath's management last week and it really looks like the two concerts in Danemark (Roskilde) and Schweden are going to happen. But as usual it is impossible to say 100% "Yes it will happen!". Tickets for the concert in England (Keen Bowl West) are on sale now!
Furthermore on this page an update of the Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Discography has been installed. Many of the stencils for the vinyl records have been found but still: please check them out here and there when you can. Really important at the moment is information on the vinyl bootleg "Love in Chicago" because there I still have no overview of what really exists!

Joe Siegler made it again: the names of the readers of the Black Sabbath Mailing List has been erased! So everybody has to subscribe again! Anyone who feels pointed at, please write e-mail to list-request@black-sabbath.com with "subscribe" in the content of the mail! People who like to try the other way can simply click here!
I added all the missing Back Issues to the point where the list crashed the first time. Next time/weeks an archive with all current issues will follow which also will be updated weekly!

Nothing new to report this week. I will try to phone the management of Black Sabbath in order to get info about the current situation.
On this Sabbath page I did add to the back issues catalogue of the Black Sabbath Mailing List the copies of the last week. Also I am working on some useful META-tags for this site and will make them known to some more WebSearchEngines in order to get some more readers!

Today lots of important things are to mention. The dates of the European Black Sabbath Tour with the original line-up can be found at Ozzy's Homepage. So far they have not been confirmed by Sabbath's management but I am going to fax them the entire list this week!
Bad things happen - Joe Siegler deleted the list of the readers of the Black Sabbath Mailing List and can not find a backup. So everybody has to subscribe again! Anyone who feels pointed at, please write e-mail to list-request@black-sabbath.com with "subscribe" in the content of the mail! People who like to try the other way can simply click here!
Finally some small corrections have been installed at the lyrics for "Mob Rules"!

The people beyond the readers of this site who got a modern browser will have marked it suddenly: JavaScript has entered the fan club's site! I did installed certain small things here and there, so far the site have been working without errors on around 15 different Windows-browser. If someone has somewhere a problem please send me the necessary e-mail!
Besides that I did install the last Back Issues of the Black Sabbath Mailing List. From now on you can download the complete backcatalogue - weekly updated.

This week I was not able to convince Black Sabbath's management to do a indepht talk with me. But hopefully I have more luck next week or so!!!
On the fan club site's I put now links to Tony Iommi's official website and to Ronnie James Dio's site. The first one is not finished but this homepage is going to be a killer - I can promise that to you! The back issues catalogue has been updated.

Last week I finally were successful and had a chat with the management of Black Sabbath. But there is not so much new stuff to mention. The band is going to rehearse for the shows around the next days. Tony Iommi has not done so much work for his solo record the last weeks. That's it!
Concerning tickets for the Black Sabbath shows in Europe I can deliver the following telephone numbers for ordering: ConcertTickets tel. +43-01-5445440 (tickets for the 4.6.98 in Austria), fans in Germany who like to travel to Milton-Keynes in England: 0541-202 09 50 or 0541-2052183 or click here, Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium tel. +32 (0)14 619265 and for the show in Prague tel. +?? (0)2-24211180 or +?? (0)2-24212810 or +?? (0)2-21610162-4. Good luck!!!

Now the final big update concerning tickets for Black Sabbath shows this summer in Europe: for info on Ozzy's already done shows at "Rock im Park/am Ring (Germany)" clicke here or click here, stuff about the canceled "Wels Rock Festival" is forwarded to you via: +43 1 5445440, concerning "Ozzfest/Milton Keynes Bow" in England clicke here or phone via tel.-no. +31 455416666, that's it so far. Unfortunately they are no official statements about the date of the concert in Prague next week, tour posters in the city itself stating the 9th June 1998 as the correct date - due to eye-witness report!
As usual in Japan there has been a new double-bootleg-CD been released called "Chicago '83", containing recordings from Chicago 1983 and Reading Festival 1983. More info is coming here around next week!

As most of you will already know: Cozy Powell died in a car crash last week in England - R.I.P. More details can be found at the Cozy Powell Homepage.
Last week I did phone the management of Black Sabbath/Tony Iommi and they confirmed the tourdates from the Ozzy Osbourne Site! So everybody should be on his way buying tickets for the shows. Who among the readers of this page can I meet at the concerts in Prague or Belgium? Please do the e-mail! The concert in Spain is still not sure!!!

Lots of things did happen during the last week! The sad news is that Bill Ward suffered a mild heartattack and is currently in a hospital. So he definitely will not be able to play the European Black Sabbath shows. As a replacement for that gigs well-known drummer Vinny Appice helps Black Sabbath out. For the latest news on what happened to Bill see the news page at the Bill Ward homepage!
The Black Sabbath show scheduled for the Wels Rock Festival has been canceled. The complete festival will not take place due to problems of organisation and also people are afraid as it is said they were some riots on last years shows! So Black Sabbath moved their concert to Vienna (still Austria). It will take place on the 4th of June 1998 at the Libro[music]hall. So far support acts will be Coal Chamber and maybe also Pantera.
Tickets for the shows at the Provinssi Rock Festival on the 14.6-98 (Lippupalvelu) can be ordered here: +358 (9)700 4700. Also still up-to-date are the URLs for the festivals in Danemark (Roskilde) and Sweden. More informatuion related to the show in Belgium is available at Graspop Metal Meeting! It is said that the show in Prague has been moved from the 08.06.1998 to the 09.06.1998, but so far I do not have an official confirmation!
Finally Black Sabbath tourposter can be bought at the following addresses: poster 1, poster 2 and poster 3.

Due to a phone call with Sabbath's management last week I can forward the following news: the concert in Prague is definitely taking place on the 9th June 1998 (tuesday) and not on monday!!! The two new Black Sabbath tracks "Selling My Soul" and "Psychoman" are currently under heavy re-mix processes - the usual thing today! Due to eye witness reports Black Sabbath are playing the following tracks on their European dates: War Pigs, Behind The Wall Of Sleep, N.I.B., Fairies Wear Boots, Electric Funeral, Sweet Leaf, Spiral Architect, Into The Void, Snowblind, Lord Of This World, Black Sabbath, Iron Man, Children Of The Grave, Paranoid and sometimes also Sabbath Bloody Sabbath!
In the Bootleg Archive you can find now details about the new Japan-Bootleg "Chicago '83"! I did order two more Black Sabbath bootlegs, more info as soon as I've got them!

Next week I hopefully will have a meeting with Tony Iommi in Belgium at the Metal Meeting Festival there. Just for the fact that someone has got questions for his idol he can send them to me via e-mail and I will see what I can do!
Besides that the fan club's site finally has after long thinking-period by me an guestbook. Basically I installed this one as a chance to write down certain critics and suggestions towards the fan club's site and maybe also as a little "black board" for Sabbath fans in the internet - so to say as an alternative to the full-filled "alt.music.black-sabbath". Just as usual have a look for yourself - find it at the end of the page. Standard-language is set to be in English - self-speaking!

Today I have to admit: nothing really new happened on this site! I am now having lots of trouble with tough examinations at the university (one is done, two more are following this week) and as I usual do not find time for anything. Only back issues of the Mailing List have been updated!
Next week (with hopefully a lot more of time available) I planning to re-work finally the Black Sabbath Link Page. Anything like corrections, suggestions, ideas and so on and can be mailed to me from here!

Last week on tuesday I did saw Black Sabbath live in Prague - amazing! The band did play the following songs: Intro (mix of various studio cuts like in Birmingham), War Pigs, N.I.B., Fairies Wear Boots, Snowblind (including keyboards by Geoff Nicholls), Into The Void, Spiral Architect (including back vocals and keyboards by Geoff Nicholls), Lord Of This World, Sweet Leaf (dedicated to Pantera), Electric Funeral, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Black Sabbath, Iron Man, Embryo, Children Of The Grave, encore: Paranoid.
Concerning concert tickets I have the following news to tell: tickets for the show Graspop Metal Meeting can be get in Germany (dial code +49) via tel.-no.: 069 - 944 3660, information on the show in Switzerland and ticket service - click here for St.Gallen!
The title of the upcoming new Black Sabbath live album is simply "Black Sabbath Live". As a replacement for Vinny Appice well-known Simon Wright has joined Ronnie James Dio!
Finally I do have to say that I did a small mistake at the HTML file for "Chicago '83" the final image was not the correct one. The mistakes was fixed and now it looks like it should be!

Finally Ronnie James Dio is again "on the road" in Europe!!! So far the following dates are on sale at ticket shops: 26.09.98 Hannover - Capitol (G), 30.09.98 Berlin - Arena (G), 08.10.98 Bonn - Biskuithalle (G). Due to Tapio Keihänen the band will play around 15 gigs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Let's pray! Prices so far are around 40,- DM!
At the Lyric Page some small changes happened this week - basically at the lyrics for "Mob Rules" and "Sabotage" - nothing spectacular but important for everyone who likes to keep up-to-date!
New tour posters and other stuff is now available at the follwing addresses: poster 1, poster 2, Black Sabbath stuff!

At the Lyric Archive I finally did install texts for the album "Forbidden". So now lyrics for all Black Sabbath studio records released so far can be get at there. For the future more lyrics like live stuff is planned.
Next week I hopefully will have the complete list of dates for Ronnie James Dio's upcoming Euorpean tour. So visit this site soon again!

Black Sabbath did finish their European tour last sunday on the "Graspop Metal Meeting" in Belgium. The band did nearly play the same set as they did in Prague - only "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" had been taken off the program. All together the concert was not that exciting as the show in Prague two weeks ago - but that's just my impression.
Besides that I have to say Sorry for the late update but the last two days I was recovering from the hard journey to Belgium - was quite exhausting. There is a new cover version out there: Solitude Aeturnus made a new version of "Heaven And Hell" on their new record "Adagio" - at least on the promo-CD as secret-track no.13!
Soon the Ozzfest is going to roll through America - more news as usual on the official Ozzy Osbourne Site. Information on the upcoming new Black Sabbath book can be get at the following place: click here.

After around ten months I finally took the time and updated the Link Page so it is as new now. I invested a lot of time and work but I think it was worth the whole thing. But as usual have a look for yourself, the page is now called The Black Sabbath Link Page.
Pete Scott forward the following news in the Internet: the live album of Black Sabbath is going to be released on 21st october 1998, but november is still possible. A studio album is a definite possibility. Tony Iommi's solo-album as usual has been put on hold for not known period of time.
Additionally there has been a small corrections for the "Paranoid" album a the Lyric's Archive plus the usual back issues for the Black Sabbath Mailing List.

Finally! After a long long period of waiting the Tony Iommi site is online now. Everybody who still has not visited it should do it as soon as possible!!!
Additionally they are also new tour dates for Ronnie James Dio and his upcoming European Tour 1998. The according link can be found at the head of this page. Anybody here attending to the shows in Berlin or Bonn? Maybe we can meet there.

In opposite to my thoughts posted here last week: they were still some Black Sabbath links missing at the Link Page. They have been added now to the big list. Again and again it is interesting how many nice, good, informative sites do exists on the net which you only can find by more or less good luck!
Record Heaven asked me to tell you that they suffered from a really really heavy data loss due to a crash or something like that. All people beyond you who were entered as a member of one of their mailing lists or in other ways was marked there should contact them. If necessary do not forget to mention your address, e-mail or whatever!

There is a high quality, official, exciting site in the net dedicated solely to the "Ozzfest 1998" including lots of photos and other stuff, just click here. You won't regret it!
At the Link Page I did add a couple of more links which I received the last weeks, nothing important but some stuff was missing. Due to the little feedback I did received I think the site now contains info on nearly all pages in the net!

As you can see on the new pictures on this side: "Children Of The Sabbath Volume XV" has been released. People, who want a copy of the German fanzine can send in 5,- DM cash or in stamps (means here two IRC) to the fan clubs address. Also please mail me on which saturday in November you might be able to come to the third fan club meeting in Berlin, Germany.
Parallel with the release of the new fanzine I updated as usual the "Services/For Sale" site with the latest offers we have for sale.
Finally there have been some little changes on the "Black Sabbath Link Page".

Nothing new to report from the almighty Black Sabbath. I did install texts for the album "Cross Purposes-Live" at the Lyric Archive. People who are interested to involve themselves in the Black Sabbath FAQ 2.0 should click here!

The new live-album by Black Sabbath finally should be called "Reunion" and is going to be released at october 17th, 1998 - that's at least what I have been told by the management when I called them last week. The band itself now is on promo-tour throughout Europe, dates in the public (signing etc.) have not been planed. Those exciting things will only be done in America, where the band is going to be after the trip in Europe. The album will be published by the label Epic Records.
Readers of this page will already have marked that I prefer investing time into the content of the site rather than on the layout. In opposite to that I did change for the latter reasons the Back Issues-links with a JavaScript-thing. Visitors with old browsers who have problems getting those files can e-mail me directly or get the necessesary addresses via the source code of this site. Thanks to Andreas Schwertner for the script!

Last week I had exciting e-mails at my internet postbox, some advertisement-guru of Sony did wrote to me! Attached to the e-mail I did received a nice banner concerning the soon to be released Black Sabbath Live Album, it is now placed in the head of this site. The corresponding link connected with that image seems only to work after/starting with october 20th, 1998.
Good news included as well: if you click here, you will be forwarded to a nice video clip about Sabbath and the Reunion! Black Sabbath themself will make their first TV live appearances in 23 years on Late Night With David Letterman as a part of "Dave's Halloween Special"! Additionally to that the following in door appearances/signing hours have been scheduled so far: New York, Monday 10/19, 12:00am - 3:00am, Virgin Megastore Times Sq; Philadelphia, Tues 10/20, 4:00pm - 8:00pm, The Wall Neshaminy Mall; Boston, Wed 10/21, 4:00pm - 8:00pm, Tower - Newbury Street; Cleveland, Thurs 10/22, 4:00pm - 8:00pm, Camelot - Mentor Mall; Chicago, Saturday 10/24, 2:00pm - 6:00pm, Tower Downtown; Los Angeles, Sunday 10/25, 7:00pm - 10:00pm Tower Sunset; Dallas, Tues 10/27, 4:00pm - 8:00pm, Blockbuster Plano; Minneapolis, Wed 10/28, 5:00pm - 8:30pm Musicland - Mall of (everything you do on your own risk!!!).

Good news for all Tony Martin fans out there in the world! As we have heard from first hand sources the project with the Italian guitar player Aldio Giuntini is really going to be released somewhere around this summer. I had the chance for a short listen into an advance-tape and the album is really going to be a killer! But not enough, in August there will be a second realease - an album recorded together with Don Airey! Well, that's good news, isn't it?

The 3rd Black Sabbath Fan Club meeting will take place on november 14th, 1998 at the "Rockfabrik Halford" in Berlin, Germany starting at 5 o'clock pm. For a small map just click here! Invited is anyone who calls himself a Sabbath Fan!
Do not forget that this week finally the new Black Sabbath live album "Reunion" is going to be released. You know what you have to do! Together with the release they should be some news/updates at the official Epic site!
From thursday on I am going to be away from home, so there will be some delays with answering my post and e-mails!

Important changes concerning the 3. Black Sabbath Fan Club meeting! Due to the managing incompetence of the people from the "Rockfabrik Halford" the meeting will now take place at the bar "Schulterstube"! Just click on the name to get a small map for the place there! The complete address is: Schulterstube, Wiesbadener Str.78, 12161 Berlin, Germany, Tel: +49 (0)30 821 62 94!
The good news for this week: finally we have an accurate URL for the site of the Black Sabbath Fan Club Deutschland. Everybody can now visit the site via the URL www.black-sabbath.de. I think this should be a hell lot of easier to remind! The growing popularity of this site together with a good offer by my provider made this step necessary!
Additionally they are some more news concerning Black Sabbath on the official site from Sony Records. For example tourdates USA, statistics etc. The corresponding link can be found at the head of the page - the small animated GIF!

The official Ronnie James Dio Homepage - which is been under heavy re-constructions this time - did finally release the complete list of dates of DIO's upcoming European Tour. According to that I did update the link in the head of the fan club's site.
As I was told by the management of the band, the for October 1998 scheduled Live-Album of Black Sabbath is going to be called "RE-Union"! Everybody who wants to have a preview listen to the track Snowblind (live) should click here.

If you like to have preview of the upcoming new Black Sabbath Songs "Psycho Man" and "Selling My Soul" then do yourself a favor and click here.
Also they have been small updates at the Lyric Archive concerning the sites for "Paranoid" and "War Pigs (Ozzman Cometh Version)"!

The 3rd Black Sabbath Fan Club meeting took place last week-end in Berlin. 25 die-hard fans did praise the Sabbath for something like eight hours and also had a big number of drinks - a "Sad!" to everyone who could not come. Maybe the next fan club meeting will happen in only half a year near Essen (Germany) - Wolfgang Hacke said ok to try to organise something there!
If read with a positive point of view the last messages from the Black Sabbath Mailing List claim that Ronnie James Dio will release two albums in the next year. First one is a new one DIO-solo while the second one is an ELF-reunion! We are curious!
Again about this site: as most of you have been quite happy with the MP3 idea I am going to start soon to re-work the Bootleg Archive which means mainly to include MP3-demofiles with a length of 10 seconds each! If you have some more suggestions than just write them in!!! Side note: the German magazin Oldie Martk started with november-issue 1998 printing the discography by the fan club together with a short Black Sabbath History done by us!

Nothing new to report from Black Sabbath this week. I did try to reach the management but did not succeed as the people there were in oversea. Will try it again this week.
At the Lyric Archive you can find now the transcribed texts for the Black Sabbath album "Live Evil"! Hopefully Shawn and Chris will also do the texts for "Reunion"!
The thing with the MP3 is in fast progress. But before final release I like to check the legal situation! At this moment it looks like in something let's say two weeks the first bootleg site "Chicago '83" will appear in new shape!

After a little part of eternity has gone by I finally put the latest issue of the Black Sabbath Cover Version List online. A big number of new tracks has beend added to the file - just have a look yourself. If someone here knows a song which does not show up on the table of songs than as usual: please E-MAIL!

After all the promises during the last weeks I finally did it: MP3 files of the Black Sabbath bootleg "Chicago '83" can be downloaded via the Bootleg Archive and of course listened to. The sequences at each file are around 10 seconds long and each file itself is something around 70 kb big. It would be quite nice to get some feedback from YOU, just to make sure that the complete action together with all the necessary work which had to be done is something you want to have! Just an e-mail with a short comment send to me!
A short note: the site of the Black Sabbath Fan Club Deutschland celebrated last month their two-year-jubilee! As the times goes by we are now belonging to the "old people" at the internet :)

Tony Martin Update: the album with the Italian guitar player Aldio Giuntini is going to be released around the end of november 1998. At this moment it looks like the project will develope into a real band which actually would be quite interesting! Concerning album number two: so far there is no record deal available - means release date not scheduled so far. Beside that the ex-Black Sabbath singer is working on a re-release of his first solo-record "Back Where I Belong" with (hopefully) increased tracklist.
The official Black Sabbath page by Sony includes now also a big collection of Sabbath shots plus some more nice things - definitely worth to take a look at!!!
Finally a small Site Poll: SNAFU gave me a couple of more megabytes space for my webpage. The question is now: what to do with that? Suggestions can be directly mailed to me! I personally would prefer MP3-files - I thought specially for the bootleg-archive. Make it possible to take a listen to let's say 10 seconds of each songs sounds quite interesting to me. Not in the list of possible things are: putting photos online, tourdate-list, tabs etc. - they are tons of sites who already offer that! Other things which might be interesting is adding photos of labels and other stuff to the LP-Discography!

Some of you might have noticed that www.iommi.com is not always reachable since a couple of days. The reason behind this are some technicals problems basically due to software vs. server conflicts and stuff like that. So the site is not closed or dissappeared, it will be completely functional again in the next couple of days. I will try to keep you all up-to-date!
At the Lyric Archive I did install the texts for the two new studiotracks "Psycho Man" and "Selling My Soul" from the Black Sabbath Live Album "Reunion", just have a look at them!
In the next couple of weeks I will finally release an updated version of the Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Discography plus of course some more MP3 files at the Bootleg Archive. A couple of words concerning the latters: I got lots of mail with questions why the sequences of the tracks are only 10 seconds long each. That is mainly due to two reasons: first of all I only have a limited amount of webspace available in the Internet, secondly is the bootleg subject still quite a hot thing so I do not want to burn my hands additionally with a violence against current copyright laws!

Sad news today! Ronnie James Dio canceled the promised interview last wednesday. Even everything was planed and got the ok, Ronnie prefered staying at his hotel. All reporters there waited for nothing, including myself. Looks like Mr. Dio thinks he does not need the support of his most loyal fans anymore. As a small gift instead of the interview I put some live-shots online, taken in Berlin's "Columbia-Halle" on September 30th, 1998, simply click on: photo 1, photo 2, photo 3! Again "Sorry!" to everyone who send me some questions!

After nearly ten months I finally found the time and put the lastest version of the Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Discgraphy online. At lot of stuff has been added during 1998 as lots of boots from Japan appeared, just have a look yourself.
Besides that it looks like the people behind www.iommi.com did solve their technical problems, the page is working like re-born. They are doing now there a special competetion for Tony Iommi fans, definitely worth to take a closer look!

"Sorry!" for the very late update of the site but as usual I am heavy busy with tons of stuff these days, frustrating! At the Bootleg Archive you can find now information on the double CD "Zakkman Cometh" including MP3-files of each Black Sabbath song! So as I say as usual: get it and enjoy it!
Finally I like to wish all Black Sabbath fans out there an exciting, metallian 1999 full of Black Sabbath!!!!

News from Tony Martin. Now it looks like the man himself finally found two record deals (Italy and France) for his upcoming project "The Cage" with nobody else than Don Airey! More offers seem to follow so we can expect now that this album is going to be release months before the long awaited Giuntini-Project. Besides that the man with great voice is trying to work out a re-release of his debut "Back Where I Belong" which is difficult due to the copyright situation.
After talking about that I have to say a big "Sorry!" to you for the canceled update of the site last week but an upcoming illness togethet with the business as university was keeping my time. I hope you all made it good into the new year 1999. A lot of thanks to all of you who send me the nice wishes via e-mail. What I like to do in the new year? Heavy re-working www.black-sabbath.de! What this means? Wait and look!
Finally to mention: at the Black Sabbath Bootleg Archive the double CD "Miami 80" also includes now the usual MP3-files!

Last week I received another expensive bootleg from Japan - "Symptom Of The Paranoid". Complete information including MP3-files can be found in the Bootleg-Archive! Specially a short sequence of "Junior's Eyes" with Dave Walker on vocals!

After a long long period I finally reached the management of Black Sabbath. Unfortunately they are not so many new things to tell at all. The band is completely busy with the tour in America which mainly means that Tony Iommi has no time to invest in recordings or plans concerning his solo-record. Lots of things are talked at the moment about the time after the current US dates but nothing is there which is definite at the moment! The re-scheduled tourdates at the moment are: 18th Philadelphia, 19th Pittsburgh, 21st Denver, 23rd Salt Lake City. There might be also a concert for Buffulo but that's not for sure. Reunion went platinum in America!

Only little new stuff to report this week. The files from site to the bootleg "Miami 80" have been moved to an different server, anyone who likes to get the MP3-Files again has to reload the complete site via the Bootleg Archive page. All people who are looking for issue #871 of the Black Sabbath Mailing List can download it directly via click here which saves a lot of time compared to getting the complete archive!
Besides site everybody should have a look at www.billward.com because the site has been totally reworked with new graphics and stuff like that!

Sorry, but last week I did not found the time to do the usual update of the site. The end of the current university period was full of work for me, unfortunately. Even with that long time you had to wait there is actually nothing new to report. As most of you will already know the final leg of the current Black Sabbath has been delayed for an unknown period of time due to an illness of singer Ozzy Osbourne. The official Black Sabbath site from Sony can now be reached also via the URL: www.BlackSabbath.com (keep care for the correct spelling). The backissues-files are now back up-to-date, a lot of kilobytes have been written in the last two weeks!
Besides all that I did some really really big steps concerning the new graphik-layout of this fan-club-site. Actually in this moment the Beta 1.0 Version has been finished. Besides me only a little number of people will get access to it as they are lots of things which are not working at the moment. If everything goes well I plan (at the moment) to finish the whole thing in four weeks.

The bootleg-makers in Japan finally released another new deluxe item in the Black Sabbath bootleg sector: "Black Sabbath - Angel And Demon"! Definitely a real diamond for collectors, it includes until today unknown soundboard recordings of the concert in Tokyo 1980 (different to the well-known radioshow!!!). More info about that CD can be get at the Bootleg Archive including the necessary MP3-files. For me definitely a better live-album than the official "Reunion"!

The story with the MP3-stuff goes on, this week I finished finally "Burning The Cross" with the new stuff. The files etc. as usually can be found in the Bootleg Archive. If I work straight ahead as I want to I might finish the mp3-files until the end of this year. But when I look at the big amount of work which that means: I really doubt that ...

This week I uploaded an up-to-date version of the "Cover Version Liste"! There has been a lot of stuff coming in via the Black Sabbath Mailing List in the the last months - but still we are all waiting a long time now for the tribute sampler by the internet fans ... anybody here has some news about it?

Strange to know that during Eastern even in the almighty Internet everyone disappears or goes silent ... anyway or anysoon! New at this Black Sabbath site this week: MP3-files for the Black Sabbath Bootleg "War Pigs", as usual available at the Bootleg Archive!

The Black Sabbath Online Interview from 25th October 1998 is now availabe for everbody who missed it back in those days of last year, you can get it from LiveConvert via http://www.LiveConcerts.com in RealVideo. So don't wait, get it now! Besides that nothing new to report. I did not reach Sabbath's management last week but I expect that with exception of the current tour in America nothing new should have happened. I am working now hard on a graphical high-quality version of this site but this will take until the end of March or so. Hopefully next week I will have some more MP3-files ready to put online!

From now on people can get their information about Tony Martins activities with his project "The Cage" directly via the address www.homecage.com. There you can find besides the cover artwork also soundfiles and band shots. Unfortunately for his second band with the Italian guitar player Aldio Giuntini a site like that is not available.
Like most of you will already know: a couple of concerts from Black Sabbaths current America-Tour have been re-scheduled due to illness, more information about that can be found at Reunion site by Sony!
Besides that all I put all the missing backissues of the Black Sabbath Mailing List at this site, I was a little bit late with last issues. Until issue #856 everything can be get now!
Via the URL www.comp-com.com you can find some stuff related to Europeans biggest recordcollector-magazin "Oldie-Markt" including online-sales. In that 'zine Hilmar Ransch and Alexander Rack do publish now a Black Sabbath Discography including history!

The latest news concerning Black Sabbath and tbeir plans for "Ozzfest 1999" can be found at the official site by Sony Records - www.BlackSabbath.com.
At the Bootleg Archive I have installed this week MP3-files containing parts of the bootleg "The Ray Gillen Years" inclusive the well-known "Eternal Idol Demos" - as usual have a look for yourself ...

Good news for all the fans of Tony Martin! I did receive an e-mail by Aldo Giuntini last week. The Italian guitar player is full of energy and enthusiasm - his new album "Project Vol. II" with Tony Martin on vocals is going to be released around next month or so! In order to make this happen Aldo did found his own label called: "GIUNTINI RECORDS"! There the above mentionend record will be available via the distributor "99th Floor". Additionally to that it is planned to set up his own internet site at the upcoming URL: www.giuntini.com. So the future could not look better!

After some months of programming and alltogether something over 200 hours of working I am finally finished: the new graphical version of the site of the Black Sabbath Fan Club Deutschland is finally online. The page can be reached via the URL www.black-sabbath.de!
In order to display the site you need a fourth generation browser and a monitor with a screen size of at least 800 x 600 pixels. The latest browser-plugin by QuickTime makes everything somehow nice but it is not necessary! This text-based of the site will stay online for everbody who still uses an older browser or for people who prefer short loading periods. If you have questions or anything else related as usual you can e-mail me directly!

Important! Aldo Giuntini's own label is going to be called "Giuntini Records" in order to avoid misunderstandings with already existing record companies!
At the Black Sabbath Bootleg Archive this week I uploaded MP3-Files for the bootleg " Death Called '89" (Manchester, UK 1989). As soon as I finally receive the new Sab-Bootleg "Ozzy Rules Budapest" I will release a new version of the bootleg discography!!!

The tourdates have been updated with a couple of details which I received during the last week. I will try to gain more informationen via Sabbath's management.

The european tour dates have been brought up-to-date. The upcoming new Black Sabbath video "Reunion" should have been in the shops since somewhere in last week. Due to the lastest rumours its release has been postponed to the 7th june 1999!

At the head of this site you can find now a list of so far known tourdates for the upcoming "Black Sabbath's Tour Europe 1999". As soon as I receive new information I will update the list. In Germany prices for a ticket are located around 80,- DM (= 40,- Euro). Unfortunately I still do not have confirmation for the the dates so please check them at your ticket dealer before planning your trips. Support act is said to be the "Stone Temple Pilots".

Last week I finally did reach the management of Black Sabbath. The result is that I can announce that all the tourdates posted on this site so far are correct and complete. This means that there will be no concerts in Italy, France and Eastern Europe nor will there be shows outside Europe/the USA!
To all fans of Ronnie James Dio: little big man with the godly voice is touring Europe this month, back with his old and new guitar player Craig Goldy! More details can be found at http://www.ronniejamesdio.com/ !

After a long long time I have updated the list of Black Sabbath Cover Versions. I did include all the info about the new tribute sampler "Hell Rules", lately released in America. Just have a look!
The latest update about the new Black Sabbath homevideo "Reunion" is that the release has been re-scheduled/delayed until the the beginning of august, hopefully this year!

At the Black Sabbath Lyric Archive they are some minor corrections for the records "Black Sabbath" and "Sabotage"! The new homevideo by Black Sabbath - "The Last Supper" has been released officially at least in America!

Sorry, but during July weeks the current semester at university comes to an end where usually I am completely covered with work. Due to that I am more or less late with answering my e-mails and updating this site. SonicNet send me an e-mail and with some requests, due to that I put a Link on this site. This one leads directly to their official Black Sabbath-Sites. There everyone can find some news, also audioclips, other websites and some lot more. Check it out!
The really bad news today are for European Black Sabbath fans. The upcoming tourdates for Europe this and next month possible have been delayed up to december! More about this hopefully next week!

The bad news of the last week have now been confirmed officially: the final Black Sabbath Tour Europe 1999 has been postponed up to december 1999, unfortunately. Instead of the shows in Europe Black Sabbath have extend their current US-tour. The new concerts in America are announced with dates at the official site by Sony Records (link in the head of this page).
Joe Siegler did found in the Internet the cover artwork for the new Black Sabbath tribute sampler "N.I.B. 2", which now can be seen at his Black Sabbath page www.black-sabbath.com. Release date is supposed to be around august this year!

Finally! Even it is not official we still can have a listen to it: the Tony Iommi/Glenn Hughes demos from 1996, released as a bootleg CD in Japan under the name of "Eighth Star"! Really a couple of brilliant songs, which hopefully will be released officially in the near future - no matter if it is only under the banner of Glenn Hughes! Information and some MP3-sequences are waiting at the bootleg archive for you!
For the upcoming Black Sabbath Tour Europe this year so far the following dates are planned but not confirmed: 3rd august, Helsinki, Finland, 10th august Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands and 14th/15th august Earls Court, London, UK!

Well, this time I have been silent for a couple of weeks now. With now being back online, the latest news put in a nutshell: the Black Sabbath tourdates have been definitely moved to october this year, some are already know so far (eg 21st/22nd december, Birmingham and Ticket World etc.)! As soon as I have definite information I will put the new list of tourdates online!
The back issues of the Mailing List have been brought up-to-date now. Ronnie James Dio is now in america to record his new studio album which is going to be released around october this year. Due to the Black Sabbath Mailing List work for the second official Black Sabbath Tribute album by Sony Records is in progress. So far it is sure that Rob Zombie, Black Sabbath themself and Megadeth will be included on the record.
Last but not least: one of Germany's most known newspapers "Tagesspiegel" did a small article about the Black Sabbath Fan Club Deutschland in their issue of last wednesday, under the chaptire "Culture". Quite nice! Click here for an image!

After nearly five months I finally took the time to put a new version of the Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Discography online. Version 2.03 includes now around 170 different printing and is nearly 100 kb big. For additional information, corrections etc. I am always thankful! Please mail to the usual address.

The dates for the upcoming Black Sabbath Tour Europe are finally online, including a couple of telephone numbers for ordering tickets (please see head of this site)!
At the Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Archive you can download now MP3-files for each single track of the bootleg CD "Bagdad". I installed a small button there which makes you able to shut off the background sound if it becomes necessary. In the near future I planned to do some more small things at the grafical sites, e.g. an archiv for the old Black Sabbath News etc.

This week I did receive a facsimile from the bureau of Tony Iommi. According to that fax I did update the Black Sabbath Tourdates Europe 1999. As usual I can not give any garanties that the gigs really will happen. Due to the various issues of the Black Sabbath Mailing List until now for most of the concerts above tickets have been already sold. This can be taken more or less as an inofficial confirmation!

The list of Black Sabbath Cover Versions has been brought up-to-date now! Unfortunately my Linux distributiom erased some of my windows partitions due to a false parameter I set, which actually was not that funny as it might sound now! Therefore some of my backuped e-mails are lost, beyond them might be one or two with additional cover versions for the list. So please anyone who has send details in during the last two months: please re-send them!!! The same goes for the guy who send me the "Seventh Star Demos feat. Jeff Fenholt"! We did remaster the tape so far but still do not know who is the singer. Please mail us again!
Nothing really new to report from Black Sabbath! The tour is still going in America. The new home video "Last Supper" has been delayed in Europe up to the 20th december this year (might be due to the new tour dates ...) and Tony Iommi co-wrote the track "Black" on the new Drain album!

After a long long period of time I finally had an indepth talk with the Management of Black Sabbath!!! The following I was told last week: the band will do their last tour this year, which will start in Amercia and bring them to Europe and Germany too! After the final show the current lineup of Black Sabbath will NOT split up, all four will do their solo-records, long-awaited! Afterwards the band will come together again and do something, anything, besides playing live. So in 2000 we will not have a new lineup.
Talking about solo: Tony Iommi has made very good progress with his own album. Ex-soundgarden drummer Mad Cammon (spelling?) did five new tracks with him. Additionally to that plans and ideas where made and shared for upcoming record deals. The album should be in stores this year!!!
Also progress can be announced for Aldo Giuntini: his new solo-record "Project Vol.II" will be in stores at the middle of may! Distributor in Germany is "Point"! Aldo's website is now finally online and can be reached via the known URL www.giuntini.com.

Ronnie James Dio is going to do a tour together with Manowar and Motörhead through Scandinavia. The complete tour dates can be found at www.ronniejamesdio.com!
At the grafical version of this site I did install this week archives with the old Sabbath news. The necessary link can be found at each "News"-Site in the headimage!

A new Black Sabbath Bootleg has been released in Japan lately: "Feign Death Sabbath", contains recordings from the "Born Again"-Tour of 1983, namely Montreal (Canada) and Offenbach (Germany). This boots quite expensive (as it is a double-CD) and has a really bad sound. So be careful before buying!!!
For all of you who have not noticed it so far: the Ronnie James Dio Tribute Album - "Holy Dio - A Tribute To The Voice Of Metal" has been released at least in Germany lately. More details can be found for example at www.dio.net!

As some of you might have noticed: downloading of Back Issues of the Black Sabbath Mailing List didn't work anymore. After some testings here and there and with the help of Andreas Schwertner everything is back in shape now!

Last week I did have an long and indepth phonetalk with the management of Tony Iommi. The most important news are: the Tony Iommi solo album is planned for release around march 2000. The recordings with Glenn Hughes (released as bootleg under the name of "Eighth Star") will definitely not be released under the banner of Mister Tony Iommi.
Due to the English Kerrang! Black Sabbath will play an additional concert at the 5th december 1999 in London's Astoria, England.

Black Sabbath Tour Europe 1999

5th december, Astoria, London, UK, 8th december, Oberhausen, Arena, Germany, 10th december, Ahoy, Rotterdam, Holland, 12th december, Helsinki, Icehall, Finland, 14th december, Globen, Stockholm, Sweden, 16th december, Stuttgart, Schleyerhalle, Germany, 17th december, Zenith, Munich, Germany, 19th december, Leipzig, Messehalle 1, Germany, 21st december, NEC, Birmingham, UK, 22nd december, NEC, Birmingham, UK, support act: Godsmack (Germany only?)

order tickets: Gigs in Germany 0180-55700 (German only)
Gigs at the NEC 0121 780 4133 (UK) / +44 121 780 4133 (outside the UK)

At the Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Archive you can find now MP3-tracks for the bootleg-CD "Killing Yourself To Die"! As usual: download and enjoy!
Tickets for the two Black Sabbath concerts at the 21st and 22nd decmeber 1999 in Birmingham, UK can now be ordered via the URL http://www.bigmouth.co.uk/ !

ozzydirect.com have been so kind to point me at one of their competitions. If you click on the following picture you will get the chance to win a fly and concert ticket to Black Sabbath show at the 22nd december in Birmingham, UK. So: take the chance and good luck!

At the Bootleg Archive I also re-did now the site for the CD "Eternal Shining". Included is the new layout plus of course the MP3-tracks. So as usual: just have a look yourself!

Black Sababth started their Euorpean tour last week in England. As often said and announced: this tour will mark their final live dates for ever (???). The track list has been re-arranged a little. Now the band does play "Tomorrow's Dream" while "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" has been droped. Reviews by fans from shows in Germany have been all very very positive!
Really really bad news for the Bootleg-Collectors: due to varius inqueries/problems www.lost-horizons.com will stop/close their online selling of all those CDs which are not so legal. The same goes for auctions at www.ebay.com where also anything which does not look legal enough would be banned sooner or later!

Just returned from the Black Sabbath concerts in Munich and Leipzig, both of them were really really exciting. The Set List: Intro (short Best Of...)/War Pigs/N.I.B. with Bassintro/Fairies Wear Boots/After Forever/Electric Funeral/Sweet Leaf/Solo Iommi (same as before "Die Young" 1992)/Snowblind/Into The Void/Dirty Woman/Tomorrow's Dream (not played in Leipzig!!!)/Black Sabbath/Iron Man/Embryo/Children Of The Grave/encore: Paranoid !

I hope that all readers of this Black Sabbath site made it good into the year 2000 without facing any of those funny Y2K-problems. If one of you faced a problem, please send me an email. I really would love to know what could have happen :)
The list of Black Sabbath cover versions is now up-to-date again. At the links section there is a connection to the official Black Sabbath News by Sony where now everyone can find a couple of details about the upcoming Ozzfest-Film.

As you can read on www.black-sabbath.com Joe Siegler has some software-related problems which is the reason of the delay of the current issue #947 of the Black Sabbath Mailing List. Everybody who can not wait to read it can get this issue via Joe's site or by downloading the Back Issues at this site.

At the Black Sabbath Bootleg Archive you can find from now on MP3-tracks for the Black Sabbath Bootleg CD "Europe 1993" (Monsters Of Rock, Italy, 1992). As usual: have a look yourself and take a listen! For the next week or so I do plan an update of the Black Sabbath Bootleg Discography.

Black Sabbath did their so-called "Final Concerts" last week's wednesday and thursday in Birmingham, England in front of over 10.000 people. Everybody who read their interview in the current issue of Kerrang! and also did saw Ozzy while saying the words "last shows ever" might also have thought about that final does not mean necessary final, or whatever.
Since quite a couple of time in Japan a Cozy Powell-Tribute-CD is available called "Rest In Peace - Thanks To Cozy", recorded by various Japanese musicians! Besides tracks from Rainbow and other classics a cover version of 1989's "Headless Cross" (!!!) can be heard!
German-speaking people can read at www.moshpit.de a Black Sabbath history!

Just right at this time I seem to be in good shape: this week you can find an update at the Black Sabbath Bootleg Archive for the CD "Beast In Heaven" with completely re-done layout and of course with the MP3-Tracks for a short listening. Just have a look yourself and write me a comment if you like!

After a long long time of thinking I finally closed today the links concerning the information "How Do I Become Member In The Black Sabbath Fan Club Deutschland?". The last two years showed dramatically that during my studies I do not have enough time to keep care for the fan club as it should be. Due to that situation I will not make new membership entrance possible until things change. Fans who are waiting since months and who have send in money should contact me. So I can send them the money back!

After something like over five months I finally brought the Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Discography up-to-date. With the exception of two copies all CDRs have been droped of the list, sorry, but those days they are too many out to put them into that specific real-bootleg list. In Birmingham 1999 I did met a real hardcore-collector. With the help of that guy I really hope to push the list another big step forward. But that's for the future. Version 2.04 is now online.

At the Bootleg Archive you can find this week an update for the CD "Turn To Glenn" - the only real Black Sabbath bootleg featuring Glenn Hughes on vocals. Unfortunately the sound quality is not that great - but take a listen yourself via the MP3-tracks.
During the last five bootleg-updates some things went wrong with the function "Turn Off Background Sound". So far I do hope to have fixed all the problems. For the next week I do plan to change the URLs for all links from www.snafu.de/~arack to www.black-sabbath.de directly!

This week I did have an phonecall with the management of Tony Iommi. The release of Tony's long-awaited solo album will be around march 2000 but it looks more like this date will be rescheduled towards middle 2000 or so. At this moment people are working on the possibility that Ozzy Osbourne will also sing on one track. The website www.iommi.com has been overtaken by a company. The page should re-open soon their doors. At this moment it is planned that the design/content of the site will stay the same but an ecommerce section will be added where merchandising etc. can be bought.

The news have been spread: the new album by Ronnie James Dio with the nice-sounding name "Magica" will be in stores around 20. March 2000. More details can be found at the website of Ronnies new record label www.spitfirerecords.com where everybody also can have a listen to the brandnew track "Fever Dreams". More breaking news can be found at Dio's official website www.ronniejamesdio.com.
After nearly three decades Black Sabbath finally received a Grammy for their classic-song "Iron Man" - no comment! Back Issues of the Black Sabbath Mailing List are up-to-date now!

At the Black Sabbath Bootleg Archive you will find a complete new site for the CD "Ozzy Rules Budapest" (1999). Including MP3-tracks and all the other stuff.
This week I did receive my copy of DIO's new record called "Magica". People who are into the 80's metal will surely love this record, it is a mixture of Holy Diver, Dream Evil, Dehumanizer and Angry Machines, means: very exciting stuff, ordinary and some bad things, all are included. Definitely not a new milestone but a hot new album and much more better than the two ones before!

After a long long time I finally did an update of the page Services/For Sale List which was necessary. Specially the list of records for sale was pretty damned old. Just have a look inside, maybe something there is interesting for you.
At the official site of Ronnie James Dio you can find now the new tourdates including Europe!!! But so far they are not complete, watch out for updates!

Tony Iommi fans listen up: the very rare bootleg CD "Tony Iommi - Eighth Star" has been re-released, called like a second edition (500 copies). The CDs containing actually the same stuff, only on the backcover the text "Limited Edition 500 Copies" has been replaced by "Second Edition". The final 35 copies in Europe can be bought at Record Heaven via www.recordheaven.net - you should hurry up!
The well-known internetshop "Concert Posters" offers now a complete new set of Black Sabbath Tourposters for sale, you can find them via the URL http://www.concertposters.com/ !

At the Bootleg Archive you can find a completely new page for the CD "One For The Nose"! This boot contains very exciting recordings from the "Never Say Die"-tour 1978, but better take a listen for yourself to the MP3-tracks!!!

Im Bootleg Archive habe ich diese Woche die Seite zur CD "Parisian Bitch" (Paris 1983) überarbeitet. Neben dem stabileren Layout gibt es natürlich auch wieder die MP3-Testsequenzen. Hört sie Euch einfach mal an!

At the Bootleg Archive the page for the CD "Parisian Bitch" (Paris, France 1983) has been re-done now. Besides the improved layout as usually you can find the MP3-tracks there. Just take a listen!

Ronnie James Dio's new album "Magica" entered the German album TOP 100 hitlist at number #34. Compared to his previous records like "Strange Highways" which only reached number #90 and "Angry Machines" which was not mentioned in the TOP 100 at all quite a good "break even". If anybody knows here more chart ratings, please mail them to me! At the official site of Ronnie James Dio you can find now the updated tourdates including Europe!

At the Bootleg Archiv you can find now MP3-tracks of the Black Sabbath Bootleg CD "Born In Hell" (Worchester, USA, 1983). As usual: just download them :)
After long time of working the FAQ-Party finished the Black Sabbath FAQ Version 2.0. You can download the faq via click here! The ZIP-file is hidden under the link "Wall Of Sleep"!

At the Black Sabbath Bootleg Archive I updated this week the page for the CD "Tony Martin - And Friends" (Germany, 1992). Besides a couple of corrections and the new layout you can find the well-known MP3 tracks!
At least in Germany a new compilation record from Black Sabbath will be released on the 5th June 2000 via the Edel Records GmbH, title: BEST OF BLACK SABBATH. A double CD with nearly 90% of the tracks taken from the Ozzy-era. The rest is from 1980-83!

As they have been lots of talkings about in the Mailing List during the last weeks, I specially concentrated this week on re-doing the page for the Black Sabbath bootleg CD "Return To 1969" (Germany, 1970). With the MP3-tracks you now can take a listen to many of the alternative lyrics - for example also the third verse of "Black Sabbath"!

News this week in the bootleg archive: an update for the page of the CD "Wicked Sabbath" (USA, 1971) including all the usual stuff.

Next week via the Edel company the new Black Sabbath Best Of "The Best Of Black Sabbath" is going to be released. For everyone who can't wait to see it: with just a click here you can have a look at the cover, online!

If all works out I can do a real competition here next week, watch out!!!
Dio is currently on his Europe-Tour and does play a surprisingly set list including tracks like "Sunset Superman", "Invisible" and nearly the whole Magica-album. Every who has the chance to attend to a Dio concert definitely should do it!

The Black Sabbath Contest (see above) is still going. So to everybody who still has not entered the contest: EMAIL with the answer to me!
At the Links I installed a connection to a site where you can download the Black Sabbath FAQ 2. The version 1 of the FAQ still can be found at the textfiles of this site.


This week the new Black Sabbath compilation "The Best Of Black Sabbath" is going to be released, first issue of the CD will be in a special cover, a limited vinyl box should be available too.
The record label was so kind to forward us 15 Black Sabbath Vinylsingles and 5 Sixpacks of Black Sabbath Beer in order to use them as giveaways in a Black Sabbath contest.
What you have to do??? Quite easy, EMAIL to me with the answer to the following, very easy question: What was the first hit sinlge by Black Sabbath? Good luck! (contest ends: 25th June 2000)

The Black Sabbath Contest (see above) is the last week going. So to everybody who still has not entered the contest: EMAIL with the answer to me!
All Black Sabbath Fans should have a look at the pages from BBC where the Sabs are doing head-next-to-head with Metallica in a competitiom. The questions is: who is the most important metal band - and YOU can vote too!
Important to know for all collectors: Bastards Records now do have their own WebSite where you can get a lot of Black Sabbath rare stuff.

I got my copy of NIB II last week, a promotional one. The cover says release date is 05/06/2000! The track list: Sweet Leaf (Godsmack)/Hole In The Sky (Machine Head)/Behind The Wall (Static X)/Never Say Die (Megadeth)/Snowblind (System Of A Down)/Electric Funeral (Pantera)/N.I.B. (Primus)/Hand Of Doom (Slayer)/Under The Sun (Soulfly)/Sabra Cadabra (HED)/Into The Void (Monster Magnet)/This Means War (Busta Rhymes with Ozzy) . I personally do not like it to much, to modern you can say. I prefer NIB I!
Also MTV asked me to announce their new Ozzy interview on MTV online:

Nothing really new to report this week. Bill Ward and Tony Iommi are going to release their solo-records "Beyond Astin" and "Iommi" around the time august-september this year, hopefully.
Slayer did a small tour in Germany last week where they used a mix of the original track Hand Of Doom and their cover-version as a kind of intro, which was pretty cool to listen!!! Besides that I am having some trouble with my provider SNAFU :(

The Black Sabbath Contest is over now! Many thanx to all the people who took part and specially thanx to the record company for forwarding us the Black Sabbath 7"'s and the sixpacks beer. The winner will be contacted separately but not announced here!
With the help of a CGI-Wizards done by my provider SNAFU I put together a Search-Engine-Site for this webpage www.black-sabbath.de where you can search all documents placed on this server for keywords. This works quite easy like all the usual search masks. You can find the page via http://www.black-sabbath.de/search.shtml !

www.iommi.com is online again - the old version so far!

Via the Napster Community I found two songs from the forthcoming Tony Iommi solo album as MP3 files. One is "Time Is Mine" with Phil Anselmo on vocals and "In Flame" featuring Ian Astbury. The first one is quite tough, a mix of Iommi and Pantera. "In Flame" is more different, with nice keyboards here and there and quite unusual!

Last week I had a nice phonecall with the management of Tony Iommi. The long-awaited solo-record is now planned for release together with the start of the "Ozzfest" around middle this year via the label by family Osbourne "Divine". They are no touring plans due to the enormous number of guest musicians appearing on the album but various promo-events will happen. Before the release of the album www.iommi.com will re-open its gates. A slightly changed layout together with new details and merchandising offers can be seen. Plans at the moment are that very quick (less than one year) a follow-up for the upcoming album will be done, with whom Tony Iommi will go on tour.
Concerning Black Sabbath: there is never a real end, at least nobody dares to say so - how could anybody do this after an over 30 years long band history. At the moment they are absolutely no plans and nothing is happen at all. But if there is a future for Black Sabbath than only with Ozzy Osournbe on vocals.

Divine Recordings is going to be doing a premeire of Tony Iommi's solo album "Iommi" leading up to the october 17th release date at www.divinerecordings.com and www.iommi.com. This will start next week, probably tuesday or wednesday. It is planned to feature a song (streaming) every five or six days with a write-up of each track, photos, etc. So keep your eyes open!!!!!

Now it looks like the big promotion on www.iommi.com will start a little bit later than supposed, sadly enough! Luckily the recordings with Glenn Hughes are now available as bootlegs in various versions, so: a) Eighth Star (Grand Cross) - 500 copies, Japan, sold out!, b) Eighth Star (Grand Cross) - second edition, Japan, sold out!, c) Eighth Star (blue frontcover, photo of Tony Iommi live), Italy, cheaper, d) Eighth Star (Grand Cross reissue) - looks like an cheap Italian re-print. So there still should be CDs around on your next record fairs!

Finally the details for the solo-record of Tony Iommi - simply titled Iommi - are available. Anything interesting (tracklisting, muscians, date etc) can be found at the news page of his label Divine Recordings, just click here!

There is nothing new to report at this moment. Ozzy Osbourne finally will do a song on the upcoming solo album by Tony Iommi. I was promised lately a couple of posters and CDs from Divine Recordings. I hopefully can give away those presents with a contest parallel with the release of "Iommi"!

The pages from Tony Iommi (www.iommi.com and www.tonyiommi.com) finally have been updated now by ARTISTDirect, after long time of waiting. From today on you can listen there online to some more tracks from the solo-album by Tony Iommi, tracks with Skin and Ian Astbury on vocals.
In Germany a new magazin has been released - POP Poster. The first edition 10/2000 includes a Black Sabbath poster as well as a history and a discography done by the Black Sabbath Fan Club Deutschland!

Via www.divinerecordings.com you can get a MP3-file about the new solo-album from Tony Iommi. There you firstly can have a listen to some short music sequences which reflect quite good the first impression of that album!
Ronnie James Dio is going to tour in october/november with Deep Purple through Europe. The complete tourdates and a couple of more details can be found at www.ronniejamesdio.com !

After nearly over half a year I finally made an update to the Black Sabbath Cover Version List, lots of new stuff was to mention. Now we have something like 8 (!!!) tribute-sampler floating around and enough cover versions to fill dozens mores. But check it yourself and if I missed something: email me!
At www.divinerecordings.com you can listen now finally to new songs from the first Tony Iommi solo album!!! Looks like someone "forgot" to update www.iommi.com !

This week finally the first solo-album by Tony Iommi is going to be released. So everyone should enter his record shop this week ASAP! Due to www.divinerecordings.com a track by Tony Iommi also will appear on the sampler related to the second part of the movie "Blairwitch Project"! At www.soundbreak.com an online interview with Tony Iommi is available.
This page - www.black-sabbath.de - celebrates this month its fourth-year birthday, just to mention. Via the pages by www.supersoni.com you can get access to a couple of Dio videoclips from "Magica".

The complete solo-album by Tony Iommi is now officially available for pre-listening via the websites by Kerbango. If you do not find the link on their main page then go to the search mask and simply insert "Iommi".
The people at Divine Recordings are going to send me a couple of giveaways these days which I am supposed to use for a content at www.black-sabbath.de ! I think I will do the content after Joe Siegler finished his one (see also Black Sabbath Mailing List issue #997) - two chances for everyone!

Due to enormous promotonial happenings for the release of Tony Iommi'a new record you can get access to couple of nice things via the internet, first example is an ecard, which can be found at the pages of www.divinerecordings.com. Additionally to that quite nice interviews can be read at VH1 and METALBLITZ !

At the Black Sabbath Lyrics Archive you can find complete textlisting for Seventh Star Demos feat. Jeff Fenholt!!!

iommi banner

Divine Recordings have been so kind and forwarded me three Tony Iommi posters - signed by the man himself - in order to give them away via a contest. So everybody who likes to take part should send me an email (for example via clicking the image above) including the names of three guest singers which appear on Tony's current album.

The Tony Iommi Contest is still going and will last until the end of this year. So everybody still can enter if he likes to!

The Tony Iommi contest is closed now - so please stop mailing. The winners will be contacted within the next couple of days. A new and interesting interview with Tony Iommi can be found at the pages of www.launch.com !
At the bootleg archive a couple of small mistakes have been removed. Within the next weeks I hope to present the new versions of the bootleg discography and cover versions list.

Some interesting concert poster by Black Sabbath are available via the following links: poster 1, poster 2, poster 3, poster 4, poster 5! Also there is a new and very cool Ozzy Osbourne site online OzzyWorld.com where a lot of merchandising can be bought. Finally a nice new rock page with links and news: Medazzarock.

At the Bootleg Archive I re-did a page - long long ago since the last time. It is: "Ray Rules" (London, UK, 1986 plus interviews). Besides the better layout I included as usually some MP3 tracks. Hopefully I will have finished the bootleg archive by the end of this year.

This week I started updating the Black Sabbath Cover Version list but haven't finished it so far. So the rest of the tracks will be added next week or so!

One of those modern internet-lawyers who are specialised in making trouble towards webmaster put somehow pressure on one of my providers concerning the MP3-tracks at www.black-sabbath.de - and from a certain point of view he succeeded. I had to move various files to different places which ended in a lot of work. If anyone still finds a broken link - please mail it to me!

Ronnie James Dio is working on "Hearn'n'Aid II" which supports the "Children Of The Night" organisation. Guests so far are: George Lynch, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Gillan und Rob Halford.
The Black Sabbath Cover Versions List is now up-to-date, around 40 new entries have been done.

Due to an email I received from Ozzy Osbourne's management Black Sabbath are going to headline this years Ozzfest in America. No words so far if some gigs outside America - especially Europe - will happen. For the mainstage so far confirmed are: Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Disturbed ! Additionally to that Ozzy is busy with doing his new record. More information about that can be found in the Internet via: SonicNet .

At the Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Archive I did another update: the page for the CD "Sabbath Day's Journey" has been redone including MP3-tracks. Just have a listen! Joe Siegler completely re-did the layout of his Black Sabbath page - www.black-sabbath.com - it's online now. Definitely a must-have-seen!

This week I bought a new Black Sabbath Vinyl Bootleg Album at ebay which actually has not been mentioned in our discography so far - called "Black Sabbath Riot Milwaukee 1980". This recording could have been exciting if not a couple of drunken fans trashed the show, unfortunately. The LP does not contain a single bit of Black Sabbath music - just a little bit industrial rubbish. No Sabbath fans needs to buy this one!

There is a new Black Sabbath bootleg out on vinyl: "Live In Paris 20/12/70" ! As the title suggests it contains the famous TV recordings from 1970. Excelltent soundquality, the bootleg itself got a plain black cover with a big sticker, LP with white label. I paid around 40,- DM for it!

A couple of details about the new Black Sabbath album can be found via the pages of sonicnet.com. The first record by Misha Calvin with Tony Martin should have been re-released these days, including around six bonus tracks. Did anybody so far bought it?

Via the free services offered by Yahoo! some freaks started a second Black Sabbath Mailing List. Of course it is often for everyone. The request form for joining can be found in the Links section of this page.

Geezer Butler will be available on monday, 9pm EDT/6pm PDT via the URL http://chat1.starwave.com/ for chat - answering questions. Questions can be send in before that time via the email: administrator@ozzy.com . As it looks like now a lot of things are going to happen on www.Ozzfest.com - an email by their admin announced TV sequences and stuff like that. Finally it looks like really a Black Sabbath video game called "Black Skies" is prepared.
In Germany a couple of people got together with the aim to bring a metal-show in the TV program. Everyone who supports this idea can sign in himself via the URL www.metal-uprising.com !

Due to an English ticket-dealer (Internet) Black Sabbath are going to do the Ozzfest 2001 in Milton Keynes Bowl (near London) on the 26th (saturday) May 2001. Supports acts are so far: Slipknot, Tool and Papa Roach plus more. Tickets can be ordered: here !

Black Sabbath will play 22nd May at the Birmingham Academy, UK their warmup-gig for this tour. Tickets for this historical concert event can bet get via Way Ahead Tickets.
Glenn Hughes can be seen at this years "Swedenrock-Festival" - more informations concerning the whole festival can be found in the web at www.swedenrock.com .

At Bill Wards homepage www.billward.com you can find a couple of news about his upcoming new solo-album and a new section "Diary"! The new Glenn Hughes CD contains the song "Gone" which is well-known by collectors from the demos with Tony Iommi - "Eighth Star". The record should be available in Germany together with a bonus-Cd which includes a live-version of "No Stranger To Love". The problems with my web-provider SNAFU seem to be solved now finally.

This week at the Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Archive I did an update for the page of the CD "Welcome To The Electric Funeral" - MP3-tracks and better layout!

Everybody who wants to have a listen to Black Sabbath's new track "Scary Dreams" should go to www.ozzyhead.com and look there in the section Sound Vault where a MP3-file of a live recording is available.
Additionally to that it looks like in Japan now a real bootleg called "Star Of India" has been released. Included are the "Seventh Star"-demos recorded with Jeff Fenholt on vocals. I might get this CD around middle of the week. As soon as possible I put information online at the Bootleg Archive!

Tons of news from the Bootleg zone can be reported this week. I did receive from Japan last friday: "Megalomaniac Architect" (double CD, 74/76) and "Star Of India" containing the demo sessions for the "Seventh Star"-album, Jeff Fenholt on vocals. The latter can be get this week at www.ebay.com ! Also released in Japan within the last months: "Evil Mob" (CD, 82), "Sabbath Finally" (CD, 99), "The Madman Years" (CD, 71/78) and "Martin Years" (Doppel-CD, 90). All of them are silver CDs, no CDRs at all! Except the latter one I do have them all or will get them soon. As soon as all CDs arrived I can do another big update for the Black Sabbath Bootleg List. All kind of comments and suggestions are welcome!

The last couple of weeks have been very quite for www.black-sabbath.de - I had lots of work to do! But besides all that stuff: we are moving forwards with big steps towards visitor 100.000 ! Due to the latest rumours a lot around/with Tony Martin will happen this year: new albums with Rondinelli, Nicholls and Dario Mollo (the new CAGE album) are prepared as well as the re-release of Misha Calvin!

Tony Iommi did record together with Ozzy Osbourne and the rap band called Wu Tan Clan a new song, released on the upcoming sampler "Loud Roud"! The record can be ordered for example via the pages from Amazon.com There is also a new competition out, this time signed CDs can be won. All info available via: click here !

As it looks now Black Sabbath are going to record and release a new album before the end of this year. That's the big talk at the moment in the net. Produced by Rick Rubin and with the original lineup plus Geoff Nicholls.
All the informations about the upcoming Ozzfest 2001 can be found here ! Also for sale now: poster 1 and poster 2 !

Black Sabbath did a new song called "Scary Dream" during their warmup-gig for this tour on 22nd may at the Birmingham Academy, UK. The crowd there went nuts, must be a good track! Besides the usual live stuff the band also played "Cornucopia" und "Under The Sun" ! The new Black Sabbath album is planned for release mid 2002 - so far! Ozzy's next solo-record should come out 16th october.

The german Black Sabbath Cover Band "Sabotage" is on tour now - in Germany. Tourdates etc. can be found via HERE !
Ozzy Osbourne has to release his upcoming solo-album in time which means on the 16th october this year. Therefore there will be no more Ozzfest dates in 2001. The recording sessions for Black Sabbath's new studio album are planned for winter 2002, with Rick Rubin as producer. From 14th august on the usual sampler for this years Ozzfest - "The Second Millenium" - will be available. Via the link below everybody can enter a nice Ozzfest competition. Good luck!


Again new Black Sabbath bootlegs have been released in Japan lately: "Shockwave Over Texas" (CD, Abilene, Texas, USA, october 1978) and "Fresno 1978" (double CD, USA 1978). The official label Divine Recordings seems to recognize that too: around october this year a Black Sabbath album with live recordings from the 1975 "Sabotage" tour will be released, more details here .

Epic Records send me a kind email to remind that the new Ozzfest sampler will be released very soon. If you click on the banner below you will be guided to the official website. And always remember: "HELL HAS A SOUNDTRACK and it's been laid down for eternity. OZZFEST 2001: THE SECOND MILLENIUM IN STORES TUESDAY, AUGUST 14." Additionally to that you can find here an ecard downloadable, where also information on the new Ozzy Osbourne album can be found.
Next week finally you can get here the new Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Discography - the long time of waiting is now over!

Ozzfest Sampler 2001

After over a whole year I finally released it: the new version of the Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Discography is online now - with more than 200 different LPs and CDs listed. A big amount of CDs has been released in Japan during the last eighteen months - most of them can be found in the new discography. In various mailing list I have posted additional information which one can also find here !

Due to a newsletter from Ozzy's record company EpicRecords the first single from the madman's new record is released now to the radio stations, titled: "Gets Me Through". The upcoming record will be called "Down To Earth", produced by Tim Palmer, recorded with: Zakk Wylde (guitar), Robert Trujillo (bass) and Michael Bordin (drums). The new album will be in stores on 16th october 2001, the video for the single (recorded lately in LA) will be aired on MTV from 16th september on!

The forthcoming Black Sabbath live-album "Live 1975" is said to been delayed due to problems with the distributor. If some among you still fight within the browser war: Netscape 6.1 has finally been released - a modern, stable browser with everything you might need for the web.

For all among you who can not wait: via the URL http://www.getozzynow.com/ everybody can have a preview of Ozzy's upcoming record Down To Earth. All I can hope now is that the next album by Black Sabbath will have some more power and glory.

This page including the domain is going to change the provider this week. Due to that it can happen for short periods that the site is not reachable. Do not worry, next week everything will be working as usual!

I finally bought the re-issue of Misha Calvin's album "Evolution" with Tony Martin on vocals. Besides the well-known tracks from the very first release this reprint includes all the Tony Martin tracks in a very rough demoversion as well as a previously unreleased song called "Keep In Touch", also with Tony Martin on vocals. Highly recommended to every fan.
At the small part of the link section I did fix some broken links, an update with the big page hopefully will be available within the next few weeks.

At this moment I do have a couple of Black Sabbath Vinyl Bootlegs for sale - if you are interested please email me for a list!

This website www.black-sabbath.de celebrates its fifth birthday this month. To all the nearly 120.000 visitors who made this site what it is today I like to say a big "Thank You!".
They are a couple of new poster available via www.concertposters.com : poster 1, poster 2, poster 3 .

Moving the domain www.black-sabbath.de to a new provider does not seem to cause any problems. I had to fix some broken links and also re-upload some missings files, that's it! If anybody finds here or there some errors please send me an Email !
Look at www.ozzynet.com where a couple of news concerning the upcoming tour and "OZZMAN: The Game" can be found.

Ozzy Osbourne has been forced by doctors to postpone ten dates on the current "Merry Mayhem" US tour due to a stress fracture in his leg. For more details see www.ozzy.com.

Exciting hot news for all fans of Ronnie JamesDIO. Due to German metal magazin Rock Hard little big man will release a new album around february 2002!!!

The december has been a quiet month for www.black-sabbath.de. Reasons for that are quite a lot of work which is going on with the Black Sabbath discographies. They will be prepared for an internet release. All the best wishes for 2002 to all the Black Sabbath fans out there!
The new album by Dio is going to be released somewhere between march and may this year and should be done in a more heavier direction than "Magica", but definitely not a step-back into the horrofying old "Angry Machines" era. The project of ex-Black Sabbath drummer Bobby Rondinelli - Rondinelli - with Neil Murray (bass) and Tony Martin (vocals) will release their very first album soon.
The Black Sabbath cover band "Sabotage" is on tour now, dates and venues can be found online here. All vinyl freaks should have a look at the pages of the Berlin's Record Shop Rock Steady.

It is now around five years ago since Steven Rosen published his Black Sabbath biography called "Under Wheels Of Confusion". At this moment he is sitting at his desk, re-doing the book for a scheduled re-release. If someone has suggestions or any other kind of help - I can forward it to Steven Rosen, just email me. The new book will be in stores around the beginning of 2002!

More details concerning the new Cage II-album with Tony Martin on vocals: the recordings are finished now and are in the mixing process, in Italy. Tracklist: Terra Toria, Overload, Amore Silenzioso, Life Love, Wind Of Change, Balance Of Power, Theatre of Dreams, What a Strange Thing Love Is, Guardian Angel, Poison Roses, plus a cover version of Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused".

All the information about the sitcom "The Osbournes" by Ozzy's family including a nice preview-video can be found via the homepage of MTV - just click. From the databases of www.rockdetector.com a new Ozzy Osbourne chronic has been written by Garry Sharpe-Young which will be published in may via Cherry Red Publishing.

Glenn Hughes together with Joe Lynn Turner are going to release a new album on march 18th via MTM music. All the news and details about this can be found at www.mtm-music.de .
The band Rondellus has released a very special Black Sabbath cover album: the lyrics are done in Latin (!!!) and everything is played on instruments from the middle of last century. More details are at www.sabbatum.com.

Tony Martin is working on the new albums by "The Cage" and "Rondinelli" - a letter by Tony Martin with detailed information can be found at the news page of www.black-sabbath.com.
On the page itself I updated a couple of links - see specially Black Sabbath FAQ 2.0 !

Mihkel Raud from "Beg The Bug Records" was so kind and forwarded us four Rondellus CDs "Sabbatum" in order to give them away to the winners of a competition. So what you have to do to enter this contest: click on the Sabbatum-banner above which will lead you to their website. There look for the sentence "They took 12 Black Sabbath classics and turned them into something ..."! And now you just have to send me the complete sentence via Email ! That's it - good luck.

Everybody should be careful with buying via the online-catalog from http://www.cdlive.com.pa - our current information is that their whole offer is only CDR. As soon as anybody makes further experiences with this website please let me know!

The Ozzfest is coming to England again this year - more information including the bands can be found at www.ozzfest.com. Tickets are approx 37,50 UKP and can be found eg via www.ticketmaster.co.uk.

The tracklisting for the upcoming Dio album "Killing The Dragon" (due out May 21st through Spitfire Records): Killing The Dragon, Along Came A Spider, Scream, Better In The Dark, Rock And Roll, Push, Guilty, Throwaway Children, Before The Fall and Cold Feet. A US tour beginning on June 1st in Las Vegas is planned.
The original painting which made the cover of the Black Sabbath album Mob Rules is available here.

The latest photo showing Tony Martin with his current band "The Bailey Brothers" can be found, together with the latest news and tourdates, at www.baileybrothers.co.uk!
Beside the show in England (see above) the Ozzfest is going to take place in Germany too, on the 20th may 2002 at the Volkswagenhalle Braunschweig. Before Ozzy the following bands will play: Tool, Oomph, Such A Surge and Bad Religion. Tickets can be get at CTS-dealers or directly via telephone call +49 (0)5303 3060! Everything about the Ozzfest in America can be found via ozzfest.com !

All the details about the new The Cage album with Tony Martin on vocals is available on the page of Dario Mollo, release date is the 22nd may 2002. As most of you will already know, Ozzy Osbourne did re-release his very first two solo records, namely "Blizzard Of Oz" amd "Diary Of A Madman". With doing that he replaced all stuff recorded by Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake. Their opinion about this behaviour can be found now online at the homepage of Bob Daisley. The German Black Sabbath cover band Sabotage is on tour now in Germany - locations and dates can be found at their site.

The Osbournes can now be seen in Germany - and I expect in whole of Europe - as well, air dates are each: wednesday at 10.30 am, tuesday at 7.00 pm and sunday at 10.00 pm (CET)! If one believes the latest numbers from the industry Ozzy has sold so far in his life 70 million records. In order to add a couple of more millions to that there will be a soundtrack for "The Osbournes", produced by Jack Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne is going to sing, e.g. a cover of Madonna's classic "Papa Don't Preach". Additionally to that there will be released a "LIVE AT BUDOKAN"-album from Ozzy soon. I have found a couple of news concerning "The Osbournes" - just to make it easy I have put them all here as textfile. A couple of very nice live coverversions from Black Sabbath songs can be found here.

A couple of details about Ozzy Osbourne visiting the White House last week can be found on the pages of the Washington Post. The guitar player who did a tour 1992 in Germany together with Tony Martin, Cozy Powell and Neil Murray under the banner of "Cozy Powell's Hammer" - Mario Parga - did release his own website lately. Besides all the other projects (Cage, Rondinelli ...) Tony Martin is working together with Geoff Nicholls on a soundtrack. No details are said at the moment. The Sabbatum contest ends with 20th april 2002!

The Sabbatum contest is over now, the winners will be contacted within this week. Going to be released during the next days is the new album Cage 2 with Tony Martin on vocals - first copies have been seen now on Ebay. Have a look at www.ozzynet.com to find all the news about Ozzy Osbourne and his upcoming live album, things about The Osbournes and so on.

A complete list of the planned tour dates for the Ozzfest 2002 in Europe has been published by Metal Hammer - click here. Not all of the dates have been confirmed so far!
The second edition of the Black Sabbath Biography by Steve Rosen has been published finally. You can order it via the pages of Amazon.
Also there is a brand new interview with Lawrence Cottle - the Black Sabbath bass player on the album "Headless Cross"!
A preview to all the tracks from the upcoming album "Cage II" with Tony Martin on vocals can be get as MP3-files via the internet, just click here.

Recent news from Ozzy Osbourne: "THE OSBOURNE FAMILY ALBUM" is going to be released finally on the 11th june - more details at osbournesalbum.com . After that - on the 25th june - the new live CD/DVD/VHS "Live at the Budokan" is released together with the re-issues of "Bark At The Moon", "No Rest For The Wicked" and "Ozzmosis".

Within the next couple of weeks another Ozzy Osbourne biography will be released in England. I did receive a couple of details and put them here online as PDF file. Additionally I did found a new Lee Kerslake interview on the web. Check out the pages of CDconnection.com where a lot of different Black Sabbath CDs can be ordered.

The new album by Dio finally should have reached any record shop by now! As one can read in the current issue of german metal megazine Rock Hard Dio says the the next album after Killing The Dragon will continue the Magica story - Magica 2 & 3. On the official page for Ronnie James Dio one can find the latest US tourdates.
I had my copy of The Cage 2 last week in my mail box. All the people who did like the first album can be the new one too I would say.

The new live-album by Ozzy Osbourne called "Live At Budokan" has been released now. All the info which one can imagine including preview tracks and a small video-clip are available at the official page via www.ozzy.com/budokan.

Ronnie James Dio did for his first single "Push" from his brand new album "Killing The Dragon" an exciting video shot. Parts of that can be found as MOV file plus additionally stuff from Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society etc. on the pages of the US label Spitfire.

Ronnie James Dio did launch his world tour lately - the complete tour dates can be found on his official website www.ronniejamesdio.com. Detailed information about which of his shows in Germany will be done with or without Deep Purple can be found on the pages of www.mano.de, tickets for the shows in Germany can be ordered online here www.mano.de/tickets.

By the end of this summer it really looks like a Black Sabbath live double CD will be released, including various unreleased recordings from around 1975. For more details and pre-order links have a look at the pages of Joe Siegler. Additionally to that the legendary video "Black'n'Blue is going to be released on DVD - all the details can be found here. Also at the pages OnStage at the site of Spitfire Record the new video by Dio called "Push" is available as RealAudio. Last but not least at the sites of MSN you can find updates of Sharon Osbournes fight against the cancer.

At the moment I do not have the time to do an update of the Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Discography. So here are the latest things in a nutshell. The last three releases from Japan are "Sabotaged On Route 666" (CD), "The Last Sacrament" (double CD) and "Ultimate Rarities Vol 1" (CD). A list of all the Japanese CDRs which do appear on ebay can be found here.
Additionally a very nice article about Ozzy Osbourne including some new photos can be found at the pages of The Sun.

The new Black Sabbath live album "Past Lives" seems to be available now - first copies can be get and seen at the pages of ebay.com. Additionally to that a couple of new Black Sabbath tribute samplers have been released: "Hail To The Stonehenge Gods", "Bhangra, Bloody Bhangra" and "The String Quartet Tribute To Black Sabbath"!
The released date for the new album by Rondinelli - "Our Cross - Our Sins" - is the 31st october 2002 via MTM. The band featueres: Tony Martin (BLACK SABBATH, vocals), Neil Murray (Black Sabbath, WHITESNAKE, bass), Bobby Rondinelli (BOC, ex-QUIET RIOT, ex-RAINBOW, drums) und Teddy Rondinelli (FELIX PAPALARDI, guitar).

Lately I bought via ebay.com a Japan release of Black Sabbath's album "The Eternal Idol", released within the "Vertigo Classics" serie. Scans of cover and label are online now! Label and cover reminded me of a "Seventh Star" release which had been sold here in Germany widely some years ago and which surely is a "Japan fake" (due to cover reproduction quality etc), but look at the images of cover and label. So it does look like this "Vertigo Classics" serie really does exist - which was new to us. So the questions is: does anyone know more about this serie? Are they anymore releases known? Is there a real "Seventh Star" release out by "Vertigo Classics"? Please email !

Rockdetector are going to release a new Black Sabbath biography early 2003. Included with that book should be a new Black Sabbath Tribute Sampler! Now they are looking for bands who can deliver radical new cover versions. All details necessary can be found in the offical press release.

Another Black Sabbath tribute sampler has been released lately- Hand Of Doom (order it for 12,- USD via the link). An interesting point are some people behind this project: Melissa Auf Der Maur (Hole/Smashing Pumpkins), Nick Oliveri (Queens of the Stone Age), Guy Stevens and more.

I finally took the time to start working on an update for the Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Discography. After I did receive a quite huge set of CDs from Japan I can add the last missing details hopefully soon. So far I finished an update of list for semi-official Japan-CDRs - which means CDRs released with an professionell printed booklet.

I hope everybody made it good into the new year without any troubles during the holidays! In December the new version of Tony Iommi's homepage iommi.com has been released. In my eyes the new site is frustrating: the content stayed more or less the same which means most of the stuff is terribly old. The main thing is that the old design has been replaced by a (weaker) new one. On the pages of musikwoche.de all the details about the start of the second season of "The Osbournes" in Germany can be found.

On the homepage of the photograph Jorgen Angel one can find some really nice Black Sabbath and Ozzy solo photos - just click: www.angel.dk .
Rondinelli will release their 2nd album titled "Our Cross - Our Sins" in May. The music should be in the vein of Tony Martin/Dio era of Black Sabbath. Dio did replace guitar player Craig Goldy with Doug Aldrich.

During a short stay in Great Britian at the beginning of august 2002 I had the opportunity to visit the manger of Tony Iommi. There it had been confirmed again that Phil Anselmo from Pantera is going to sing on the next solo-album. Recordings should start around january 2003. Tony spend the last weeks in his new studio together with Bob Marlette where they did collect ideas for new songs. Work is in progress now also with a possible re-launch of www.iommi.com.
At the pages of Joe Siegler one can find now a new an extremely brilliant and indepth Tony Martin interview. Additionally to that at the pages of www.melodicrock.com one can liste to a couple of previews from the upcoming Rondenelli album. The DVD versions of "The Black Sabbath Story Volume I + II" have been released now and should be available at any record shop. Unfortunately they are not as good as they were supposed to be.

Aldo Giuntini has started working lately on his upcoming album which is going to be called "Project III"! Fortunately on vocals he will use again Tony Martin! The whole recording sessions should be finished by the end of this year. After a long break I updated now the back issues of the Black Sabbath Mailing List.

Tony Martin next big thing will be to release an album with the band Empire. With him in this band are also: Neil Murray (bass), Rolf Munkes (guitar), Gerald Kloos (drums), Don Airey (keyboards)! The release is planned so far for early 2003 - via Lion Music. So far the following titles can be named: Perfect Singularity, Back in the Light, Big World Little Man, One in a Million, Comin' Home, Did You Ever Love Me, Pay Back Time, You, Teenage Deadhead, Wherever You Go !

The following CDs by Dio have been re-released in Japan as 24bit remastered: DREAM EVIL (9432429), HOLY DIVER (943212), LAST IN LINE (943222) and SACRED HEART (943232) - all on Vertigo. Also the concert on 13th december 2002 at the Roseland Ballroom, New York, USA will be recorded and should be released around April 2003 via Eagle Vision on DVD.

Within the last couple of months absolute nothing happened on www.black-sabbath.de ! The reasons are quite easy to explain: I spend two months out of town working. Now I am back in Berlin and the first thing I did is finishing the new version of the Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Discography. As it is over a year ago since the last update happend you can imagine yourself that a lot of new things and changes were done. Within the next weeks I am going to do a major clean up of the page.

The magazin Guitar World is searching for exciting questions. Those will be used for an interview with Tony Iommi. Anyone with good ideas can email everything to dearguitarhero@guitarworld.com ! More information about Guitar World and the interview can be found online via www.guitarworld.com. Additionally it is also possible to win something!

Finally I received last week my copy of the 4CD box "Reincarnation" and I can only advice each Sabbath collector out there: buy it! Besides a couple of more or less non-sense it contains real demos for the Black Sabbath album "Dehumanizer" - with Cozy Powell on drums and Ronnie James Dio on vocals. Structure of the songs, lyrics, nearly everything sounds rewritten, additionally the box comes with so-called Geezer Butler demos including an unknown singer plus the complete album "Forbidden" in a very rough mix - this way sounding it should have been released!

Via the URL www.black-sabbath.de/temp/trailer.avi one can find a short trailer (MP4 compressed, 20 MB, Media Player 9) which shows some sequences from a possible release of the Live Evil video. Does anybody know anything further about these recordings?

This page www.black-sabbath.de was more or less dead for quite a while. Reasons are quite easy to explain: the activities on this page rise and fall with the amount of time which I can invest in it. Time was a rare thing for me in the last couple of months. But now it looks like the big things are done and I started to remove old news; bringing the page uptodate.
The Back Issues of the Black Sabbath Mailing List are already completed now. Not to forget to mention the fact that it is now also possible to read all the past issues via an online interface!

From my point of view it is not useful to re-list all the news from the past - most of them are already well-known. So please find here a couple of small details from the last times which I found to be very interesting:

  • Glenn Hughes and Tony Martin are going to be a part of the vocals for the next Phenomena album; together with M3 (Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray and Micky Moody) did Tony Martin a tour in Europe, the show on the 13th august 2003 in Wolverhampton (UK) will be recorded for an upcoming M3 live album
  • from the bequest of Cozy Powell more and more rare recordings appear in the bootleg scene, so far one can get: "Forbidden Demos" (instrumental, CD), "Dehumanizer Rehearsals" (jam session, instrumental, CDR) , Rainbow "Rising" (rough mix, CD), "Dragons And Kings" (live 1980, CDR) plus lately released a 4CD box called "REINCARNATION AMAZING COMPILATION 1989-1995" (besides some well-known radio shows and b-sides it includes: tracks from "TYR" in a different mix, "Dehumanizer Demos" with vocals, "Forbidden" rough mix)
  • you might also take a look at the page of the Danish photograph Jorg Angel where a couple of new Black Sabbath photos can be found
  • author Garry Sharpe-Young will publish a new 400 pages thick Black Sabbath biography called "NEVER SAY DIE! 1979-1997" in september this year
  • some activities can be found finally on www.iommi.com - a quite active message board has been installed, for chats and latest news

A couple of new items from the bootleg market appeared lately: Headless in Vienna (doCD, Austria 1989), Class Of 1992 (doCD, Boston 1992), Welcome To The Electric Funeral (CD, London 1978, russian re-release), From The Darkness (CD, Paris 1970, russisian re-release). As soon as I receive all those new CDs an update of will Bootleg Album Discography will be published.

As it looks like now after the US-release of the compilation "Symptom Of The Universe" the whole Black Sabbath back catalogue up to 1987 is going to be re-released in America as remastered CDs. First output is called "Black Box" and contains all the albums with Ozzy plus a DVD with the Beat-Club recordings. Price will be approx. 100 USD!
Already some time ago an update for the Black Sabbath FAQ 2.2 (Chris Slenker) has been done - I corrected all the corresponding links on this page.

Since the canceled recording session with Phil Anselmo there have not been anymore news about the solo album of Tony Iommi. Therefore I phoned the mangement in England last week. Unfortunately there is still nothing new to report - Tony is still searching for a singer, Phil Anselmo definitely is not available due to his other projects. Here I like to mention again the forum at www.iommi.com. All the comments there from the fans are read by Tony and the management and definitely can have an influence!!!

Like every half year I have uploaded this week the newest version of the Black Sabbath bootleg album discography. Since the last update around 14 new bootlegs have been added plus a couple of corrections and things like that. Therefore the whole file is now over 140 kb big. Everyone with corrections etc: please send an email to me!

Just have a look at the Tony Iommi message board where you can find a nice giveaway contest. A diehard fan might find some of the questions there a bit strange but on the other hand one does not have to take everything too serious.
The release of the new "Black Box" (USA only) has been delayed up to 2004 to due production problems The new Black Sabbath book "How Black Was Our Sabbath" is going to be released in Europe on the 5th march 2004. Pre-ordering can be done as usual via amazon.com. On the 23rd october 2003 in Germany the new issue of the magazine eclipised is published - containing an eight-pages Black Sabbath Story.

These days finally the 1995 Black Sabbath live video "Cross Purposes - Live" (at that time published as a box set: the video together with a CD containing the soundtrack) is going to be re-released on DVD. More details about this and the possibility of pre-ordering can be found at the pages of amazon.com .
Everyone who likes to share his thoughts about the Ozzfest with Divine Recordings or sending play wish-lists for the upcoming year can do this now via an offical page www.ozzfest.com/survey . For Dios current live DVD "Evil Or Divine" a nice ECard with preview clip is available .

Via Bill Wards official webpage billward.com one can buy now his new single Straws in a very strictly limited and signed edition! Zakk Wylde will enter the studios this months finally to record a new album of his own band Black Label Society. And last but not least via the following link one can have some pre-listenings for the upcoming M3 Whitesnake live tribute album!

Unbelieveable news this week: Ozzy Osbourne will appear together with his daughter Kelly this saturday, 6th december 2003, at German TV show "Wetten dass ...???" - probably they will sing "Changes" together.
The release of the so-called "Black Box" has been rescheduled now for march 2004! The latest tour dates for Tony Martin/M3 can be found on their official page classicwhitesnake.com where one can now order the new live album "Classic Snake Live"!

Details about the new Black Sabbath book "How Black Was Our Sabbath (a view from the crew)" by David Tangye and Graham Wright can be found via the following URL www.blacksabbath.co.uk !

Another new Black Sabbath book is going to be released within the next days: "Black Sabbath - Never Say Die" by Gary Sharpe-Young (Rockdetector). All the information for ordering and one sample chapter can be found here.

On the 17th and 18th april 2004 in Utrecht (Netherlands) takes place the worlds biggest Record Fair! Currently some of Europeans greatest Black Sabbath collectors set up a meeting there. This actually could be the chance to make a real small but international Black Sabbath Fan Meeting? So I would suggest one can meet after the record fair on saturday! Everyone who is interested can drop me an email so we can find a suitable date and meeting point.

During the last couple of months it has been extremely silent on www.black-sabbath.de because I was loaded with other work. Hopefully within the next time I will be more able to focus on the page and at least keep the news section up-to-date! I think there have been enough (tons of) news about Ozzy's accident and recovery and Tony Iommi message board now is a perfect source to get latest (Sabbath) news! Unfortunately nobody seem to have noticed that Vinny Appice is back (on tour) with The Lizards which are co-headlined by Vanilla Fudge where no-one else than his brother Carmine Appice plays the drums. The latest dates for the tour in Germany are: March 23, 2004 - Downtown Blues Club - Hamburg, March 25, 2004 - Quasimodo - Berlin, March 26, 2004 - Gewerkschaftshaus - Erfurt, March 27, 2004 - Blues Garage - Hannover, March 28, 2004 - Frankfurter Hof - Mainz, March 30, 2004 - Backstage - Munich !

Dio is going to enter the studio in april in order to record the follow-up to "Killing The Dragon". More details - also concerning the "Sacred Heart" DVD - can be found via www.ronniejamesdio.com. Besides WholeLottaMetal it is said that Tony Martin will also tour with M3 during the middle of this year in Eastern Europe. Tracklist and more details for the upcoming Black Label Society album can be found at sdmfworldwide.com !

At the beginning it were only rumours but now it became official: Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi are negotiating how the almighty Black Sabbath can be a part of this years Ozzfest! No decisions have been made so far but hopefully we will have the definite information during this month! For additional information please see article1, article2 .

A new interesting interview with Bill Ward has been posted on the pages of classicrockrevisited.com! Currently I am working on the next update of the bootleg album discography and still I am searching for details about the following (new) releases: 1st - Rat Salad LP, does someone got a release where the bandname is printed in red and the LP title in white/silver on the front cover? 2nd - Megalomaniac Architect doCD, who knows more about the release which only contains recordings from the UK show (none from the USA)?

If one tends to believe the latest news spread around than Tony Iommi is making serious progress with his second solo album. If everything goes well and no new tour or whatever happens than it could be that the latter is released somewhere in 2005. More details can be found via blabbermouth.net.

Finally released is the Black Sabbath book "How Black Was Our Sabbath (a view from the crew)" by David Tangye and Graham Wright. All the details including an order formular can be found via the following URL www.blacksabbath.co.uk !
Line-up change at Dio: Jimmy Bain left and has been re-replaced by Jiff Pilson! The band is going to enter the studios around april in order to record the new album. A following world tour is planned for the second half of this year.
After the first issue has been sold out M3 are re-releasing their "Classic Snake Live Volume 1"album now as deluxe digipack!

Like every half year I did an update of the Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Discography - this time around ten new albums have been added. Mainly we have now new releases on CD from Russia but also a new deluxe bootleg picture LP (the first one since the Apocalypse bootleg from 1987) appeared plus of course a couple of new (expensive) boots from Japan.
The new album by Ronnie James Dio will probably be called "Master of the Moon" and is scheduled for release around july this year (Europe: SPV, America: Sanctuary Records). Parallel to the release a world tour starts in Europe.

Finally it is official - Black Sabbath are going to play on this years Ozzfest 2004 as headliner, more informations about that including ticket order links can be found at ozzfest.com and vh1.com. Up to now people are waiting for the final decision if Bill Ward will be on drums or not - the latest news concerning that can be found via billward.com.

Will Bill Ward be part of the Ozzfest 2004 or not? The battle rages on ... ! After Bill send a positive message to Sharon Osbourne we are all hoping the best. Some internet detectives remarked already that the Sabbath photo at ozzfest.com is now showing all four original band members. If you like you can think about or straight forward sign one of the countless online petitions!

Tony Martin will play to concerts in Italy as singer of the band Twin Dragons - in detail: on the 26th June in Udine, Biker Festival and 28th June in Rome, Centrale del Tennis! A complete tour for the rest of Europe is being prepared.

See tonymartin.net where Tony gives a long and detailed statement about his late departure from M3. In Japan a new Cozy Powell tribute sampler has been released: Soul Bound Dedicated to Cozy Powell (COZY MURAKAMI PROJECT) including a complete new version of the TYR song "The Law Maker"! Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbouenw did a very interesting interview for the Rolling Stone magazin, partly available online here !

Finally it all worked out - Bill Ward is going to play together with Black Sabbath on Ozzfest 2004, a couple of more details can be found here: VH1.com, billward.com. Additionally a nice 20 minutes interview (video stream) with Tony Iommi can be found here.

The keyboarder for Black Sabbath during the upcoming Ozzfest 2004 concerts will be Adam Wakeman instead of Geoff Nicholls for unknown reasons, see also adamwakeman.com. Ronnie James Dio has delayed the release of this new album "Master Of The Moon" down to september this year (Europe: SPV label, America: Sanctuary label)! So far confirmed song titles are: The Man Who Would Be King, Living A Lie, The End of the World.
The first Quartz album (produced by Tony Iommi, guest are Brian May, Ozzy Osbourne etc, Geoff Nicholls on keyboards) has been re-released this year, for more details please see roadrunnerrecords.com.

All of Europe and America are dying from the heat and have a break! Black Sabbath are touring very successful as headliner of this years Ozzfest in America. A very good and indepth review can be found at www.sabbathlive.com. The new Dio album "Master Of The Moon" is going to be released these days in Europw and America! Fans who enjoyed "Killing The Dragon" will have their fun with the new album! All the others I only can promise some more headaches - unfortunately.

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