Links to other Black Sabbath pages in the Internet

The Eternal Idol's Black Sabbath Tabulature - exciting page with lots of tabulature and other cool stuff!

Mutant's Black Sabbath Discography - wanna have lots of info on Black Sabbath records? Then you have found the right place!

Black Sabbath is GOD - the title says it all. Cool tape trading plus exclusive Tony Martin letters!

Joe Karavis Black Sabbath Page - lots of info on exciting Black Sabbath tapes and videos, audio files plus cool images!

The Black Sabbath Bootleg Trading Page - THE page for all Black Sabbath tape traders in the net!!!

The Black Sabbath Ring - starting point of the Black Sabbath ring! Important for every owner of a Sabbath page!

Black Sabbath - The Eternal Idol - Espanol - another very good Black Sabbath page in Spain!

BLACK SABBATH - cool designed page! Bootleg list, a copy of our vinyl discography and other great great stuff!

Håkans Black Sabbathpage... - thumbnails of all album covers, audio file and links for lots of tabs!

Wicked World - another good Black Sabbath site.

iMusic - Black Sabbath Bulletin Board - talk to other fans via net and other cool stuff.

Bongboy's Seriously Cool Website - Sabbath site with lots of high quality phantasy images. Don't miss it!

Welcome to Vandals Tribute to Black Sabbath - cool site with some text, photos, audio, links and tape trading.

Rockit Comx presents Black Sabbath - some stuff about the Black Sabbath comic!

Snow Dog's Tribute To Black Sabbath - some texts plus a couple of photos.

Black Sabbath - Wicked World's Electic Funeral - good page with lots of graphical gimmicks. Impressive.

tab'n stuff - great page for Sabbath, Dio and Ozzy tabs.

Oral History of Black Sabbath - cool idea! Lots of .WAV files with voices of Sabbath members.

The Wizard's Bootlegs - interesting looking page with a couple of tape trading and links.

Choose an Artist - usual good Sabbath/Ozzy site.

Black Sabbath FAQ - HTML version of our Black Sabbath FAQ. Well done!!!

Babotage - site of Black Sabbath cover band. Rocks!

Black Sabbath Bootleg Page - very good tape trading page!

headlesscross 's Home Page - another good site.

Die Rock Hard Homepage - for German speaking only/nur für Deutschsprachige! Homepage des berühmten Metal Magazins. Besucht mal ihr Black Sabbath Forum!!!!

Tre volti della paura, I (1963) - about "Black Sabbath" the film.

Skaelede: Black Sabbath - Hungarian Black Sabbath site, well done but not readable for non-Hungarians!

Sabbra Cadabra - Black Sabbath tribute band from Toronto, Canada - title says it all. Well done.

Lizard Records - cool stuff about Sabbath self-burned CD bootlegs.

Whiplash - Black Sabbath - cool page in Portugease language. - nice Sabbath page in Polish language.

Whiplash - Black Sabbath, Gravuras e Fotos - cool photos.

Prindle Record Reviews - Black Sabbath - reviews of some Black Sabbath records.

BLACK SABBATH - another nice site with lots of pictures.

RockWalk® Black Sabbath & Ozzy Osbourne Induction - exciting photos of Sabbath w/Ozzy 1992/93!

BLACK SABBATH - another site with a couple of info plus some cover scans! Nice.

Friki's Black Sabbath Page - good Black Sabbath site. Still under construction.

BNR Metal Pages -- Black Sabbath - couple of text infos.

Wrapper page for the Black Sabbath ring - couple of concert reviews.

Nativity In Black - text about the tribute album "N.I.B."

Ronnie James Dio [Frame Menu] - cool Dio page!

Quiz! - cool quiz about the tribute album "N.I.B."

Black Sabbath Photographs - cool photos from 1995!

Black Sabbath Lyrics - couple of lyrics.

Welcome to the OZZY page - cool Ozzy page with some audio files.

Osbourne back for Black Sabbath tour - short interview with Ozzy about re-union.

Ozz Fest in Akron, Ohio - page about Ozzfest as title mentions.

The best of Black Sabbath - short statements by Geezer and Ozzy about various Sabbath tracks.

Black Sabbath - some cool photos from 1992, Brazil.

Sleeping Village - unusual Sabbath site with very nice Link Page.

The DIO Magic Information Page - starting point of the DIO webring.

Black Sabbath - The Dark Lords Messangers - another interesting but usual Black Sabbath site.

MICH VANBEEKUM'S OZZY OSBOURNE PAGE - another cool Ozzy page with lots audio files, pictures and lyrics.

OLGA: BLACK SABBATH - another Sabbath tab related page.

The National Acrobat's Black Sabbath Lyrics - couple of Black Sabbath lyrics (all albums).

Morbid Angel, Motörhead, and Black Sabbath concert review - 1994 concert review.

black sabbath cd - some info on bootleg CDs.

Wicked World of Black Sabbath Web Ring - another Black Sabbath Ring?

Black Sabbath - Italian review about "Sabbath Stones".

Doom Metal - text about Black Sabbath and doom metal.

Black Sabbath - small site with album covers and some reviews.

Ozzy Osbourne Pictures - a clone of "Electric Funerals" picture page.

Black Sabbath Album Covers... - all album covers downloadable as gifs!

The War Against Silence #28 - small review about "Forbidden".

Black Sabbath Concert Reviews - small review of 1997 show.

Tony Martin-fan - site of a Tony Martin fan with some personal info.

Jeff's Trading Page - some tape trading plus Dio live shots.

Black Sabbath reviews - some Black Sabbath reviews! Only text.

LandOfOzzy - very good Sabbath/Ozzy site.

Black Sabbath Home Page - couple of Black Sabbath links. Old discography formated plus another link to our FAQ and a different, very weak FAQ.

Discography - old discography, taken from ftp.

The Hand of Doom - cool g//z/r site.

Jon's Site - some tape trading.

Sam's Videos - some video trading.

UBL Artist: Black Sabbath - the Black Sabbath card - lots of links.

Mezmaron's World/Black Sabbath - small but nice Black Sabbath list.

Chuck: Nativity in Black: A Tribute to Black Sabbath - review on the N.I.B. tribute album.

Children Of The Grave - another little site with lyrics.

Black Sabbath - The Gods of Heavy Metal - another small page.

Internet Metal Top 10: Black Sabbath (1-10) - some poll about Black Sabbath records.

Fredrik Bendz' favourite lyrics - some lyrics.

Tribute to Black Sabbath - some fan statement.

MTM "Black Sabbath" Movie Poster - cool poster of the movie "Black Sabbath".

Black Sabbath rulettaa!! - some fan statement in Scandinavian language.

Mr C's Guitar Tablature - lots of tabs to find.

GILLAN in BLACK SABBATH small site from a Gillan fan about his time in Sabbath.

Black Sabbath "Paranoid" - small info page about the album "Paranoid".

Legend and Info - small tab related site. For guitar player!

Referaat: Black Sabbath!! - some info in Scandinavian language.

TWAS 28: Black Sabbath... - review on "Forbidden" album.

BLACK SABBATH - THE VERGE OF THE NIGHT - well done site but nothing special.

Black Sabbath Page - small Sabbath site by Ozzy hardcore fan.

Thomas Daugaard's Music Homepage - another small site with a couple of info. - exciting Sabbath/Dio site with bootleg trading! - small Dio site.

Attila Juhasz: Screenwriter--Press Release - Black Sabbath Attached to The Light - wrong press release from 1996.

Gary's Black Sabbath - some tape trading plus photos.

Album Guide - some info.

Alright mate - another little site with fan experiences, photos etc.

Looney Tunes - Rock'n'Roll and Assorted Madness - some texts about Black Sabbath by a music fan. - some fan info.

Black Sabbath - Everytime played - strange statistics, anybody knows what's this all about?

Black Sabbath The Ozzy Years - another small fan site.

Black Sabbath - some midi files.

Zero-the-Hero's Music Page - some fan info.

Black Sabbath - small discography with comments by fans. You can edit the list!!!

Black Sabbath - place to look for Black Sabbath tour dates.

The Ormen Black Sabbath Page - small Sabbath site by a fan.

blacksabbath - page about "Wheels Of Confusion" box in Swedish language.

Metal: Black Sabbath, in vista una riunione estiva - small news about Sabbath and Ozzfest in non-english.

Estacao Aleph [Black Sabbath] - some lyrics.

The Bible According To Black Sabbath - ... - some info on Sabbath Tribute CD as promo.

Sepultribe: Promos: Old+New Testament Acc. ... - more info on Sabbath Tribute CD as promo.

Slack Babbath - site by and about a Black Sabbath cover band.

SRH: Black Sabbath - some info on "Between Heaven And Hell". - small Ozzy/Sabbath page.

Black Sabbath - some info about the film in non-english language.

Black Sabbath - another lyrics page.

Black Sabbath Lyrics - lyrics available for LaTeX - finally!!!

Black Sabbath! - small Russian Sabbath site.

Black Sabbath - lyrics and cover of "Cross Purposes".

Black Sabbath / Forbidden - Japanese Version - info on album mentioned, more info on other records available.

The Zone: Band Links (Black Sabbath) - another Black Sabbath links page.

Metal Links: Black Sabbath - more Black Sabbath links.

Munzinger Pop - Black Sabbath - some info on Sabbath in German.

Tribute Records - some info on Swedish tribute album.

Black Sabbath - small Black Sabbath page.

Black Sabbath Listings at MusicSearch - another little link page.

R.O.C. LINKBASE - BLACK SABBATH - more Black Sabbath links.

Nativity In Black - small page about Type O Negative and the N.I.B. Tribute Sampler.

Black Sabbath Album Listings - page with listing of Sabbath albums including track lists.

More fun than Selhurst Park - unusual site with only little Black Sabbath stuff.

Black Sabbath - another little Black Sabbath page.

Online-Musiclibrary/B/Black Sabbath - very very little Sabbath info. But you can add stuff yourself!

The MusicNet Drum Tab Archive - Black Sabbath - very ver small site.

Black Sabbath's discography on Music Boulevard - short discography stuff.

Black Sabbath - Sabbath page so far empty when last time visited.

Related and other stuff:

The Official Bill Ward Web Site - title says it all!

g//z/r - official site!

The Geezer Homepage - Sam Naugler's g//z/r site, well done!

Vandal's Tribute To G//Z/R - nice site!

The Digital Dio Site - excellent Dio site!

Terry "Geezer" Butler - great interview!

Ozzy Osbourne - Homepage - official Sony site!

The Official Cozy Powell Home Page - title says it all.

Ozzy Osbourne Discography - exciting Ozzy Discography!

OZZFEST.COM - official "Ozzfest" site, tons of photos and other great stuff!

Rainbow Homepage - some interesting stuff!

Rainbow Rising - great Rainbow site!

MAYHEM - official page of DIO's US-label!

Deep Purple - interesting Deep Purple stuff!

GLENN HUGHES - cool Glenn Hughes site!

Ian Gillan - Caramba! - Ian Gillan homepage.

Vinny Appice - Vinny Appice's official site!

The Ritchie Blackmore Official Web Site - title says it all!

Record Heaven - best place in the world to buy Black Sabbath stuff. Don't miss it!

Jeffrey C. Fenholt - homepage about the so-called "ex-Black Sabbath singer".

Vinyl Tap - exciting Internet shop for used and rare records!

Black Sabbath & Ozzy - good Internet shop for used and rare Sabbath records!

Front Row CDs - another source for Black Sabbath stuff in the net!

Rockers - buy used Sabbath records and CDs via the 'net.

Heavy Rotation - more Sabbath records to buy.

Songsearch CD Store --Lowest Music Prices

B [look for Black Sabbath CDs] - good Internet shop for used and rare Sabbath records!

CDNOW! - Internet shop for records!

JPC Home - Internet shop for CDs & Videos, great!

Black Sabbath music sold at LOW PRICES - place to buy Black Sabbath records.

BLACK SABBATH - good place to buy official Black Sabbath CDs! All covers scanned in!

VINYL VENDORS - great record store!!!

COMPACT DISC - good shop for various rock/metal items!

Harmony Central - internet resource for musicians. Bass and Guitar tabs!

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